Wednesday, December 09, 2009

my eyes are not invisible!

i feel like i have lost the blogging touch...

usually, when i go into Blogger and landed on the new post page, i will start typing non-stop and can recall stuffs very vividly. now, whenever i appear on the new post page, i will just sit there for a few minutes, thinking what i should blog about!

am i having a blogger's block? (writer's block)

yes, there is such word, dumbass!

if you still don't get it

here's the link to a poem - maybe you will get it

if you still don't get it, may i suggest google it?

i love blogging, a lot. but now, it seems my blog is getting soooooooo boring. i can't even stand to read my own blog, i swear! no, i'm not typing this stuffs down so i can get people to say "no lah, lilian, your blogging skill is still (Y)"

so many pictures, so little words! not what i actually wanted :( i always wanted both of them to be equal. not too many pictures, not too many words. just nice...

if i have SO many pictures and so little words, it just doesn't even feel like i'm blogging at all! its as if i treat my blog as another picture storage like Photobucket, TinyPic, Flickr or something!

if i have TOO many words and no pictures, things will just get boring here..

HEHEHE, ok, i think i got back my blogging touch after writing this :D

it always comes back to me when i'm in the midst of writing..

so, these pictures are from like....last week, the day before i went to Miri!

VAIN, BUT "CHIO" (as Michee said, not me ah) PICTURES OVERLOAD!

i have no idea why my teeth always look so white in pictures!

Michee is an 0=)

i look like some psychotic person!

Michee can do the mata juling way better than me

OMG! we look so drunk here! HAHAHA! well, particularly me, because i look so dark -_-

My fav picture of the lot! it looks so awesome and random! HAHA!

ok, super act cute pictures coming up! inspired by Cheeserland!

act cute one

act cute two

act cute three (is this even considered acting cute??)

The most important thing you must do when you act-cute: OPEN EYES BIG BIG O.O

do you know that i hate people saying this to me, "lilian, don't need to open your eyes until so big lah, cannot even see at all"

_I_ F YOU! you can still see them, okay? my eyes aren't invisible! i might as well just throw away my contact lenses since they can't even be seen!

Mich will be starring at Ninja Assassin 2 next year

suprisingly, i can still "Jump" with my foot bandaged

i remembered there was this huge sign stating "NO PICTURE TAKING" but we ignored it, as usual!

ah, forgot what this is called..Marshy Mellow?

my verrryy attractive konad plate ^^

"why this nail buffer not good one?"

Happy me

Unhappy me pointing to my bandaged foot

someone's cranky~

hugging the pillar

very natural kuku face

this picture looks funny heh heh

you can see our awkward face expressions here, especially mine

trying to imitate this couple

i did a great job, didn't I? ;)

OK, done! back to the topic i blogged about above..

you see, there are some stuffs that i don't get all this while.

i noticed that pretty girls who post pictures all the time get lots of views but what i don't get it, if their blogs are SO boring, so why do people still wanna read it?

guilty confession here = i do read some pretty girls' blogs that are boring..HAHA! its because they always post nice pictures bah!

so, how about non-pretty girls that blogs interesting? a lot of people read them too!

for example, Xiaxue is actually not bad looking and her blog is REALLY interesting!

okay, so maybe being super pretty with great figure and able to blog really well = lots of readers?

ok, how about people that ARE not pretty and sucks at blogging = lots of readers?

hmm, i assumed its because they have lots of friends. true right! if you have lots of friends, you will also result in having lots of blog readers!

meh, just some questions that have been wandering in my head for a long time~

please, don't catagorize me! i'm a free blogger B)

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