Thursday, December 03, 2009

mummy feet


well, i got this as a result for being so stubborn and not wanting to listen to Michee's advice!

Lesson learnt: Never ever try to slide down from a bouncer on your chest!

that's what i did! usually, people just slide down from a bouncer facing the front but foolish ol me just wanted to try something new so i did this:

i REALLY suck at explaining with super awesome english so i used a drawing to illustrate what i did.

stupid ey? i tried it for the first time and suprisingly, i was alive! nothing biggie except Michee said that she saw my feet bend in when i landed. i decided to go for a second time and urged everyone to try it too and in the end, i got my punishment!

luckily, no one wanted to try it out or else i will be the one to blame later on if anything happens, heh :D

man, it hurts like hell!

the pain was excruciating at first but it faded after Sabena massaged me B) however, it got worse at night. my ankle was swollen and whenever i tried to move a little bit, there would be a sharp pain poking through it.

it was extremely difficult to sleep and walk too! i had to limp and wobble while i walked. i definitely need a tongkat that time :)

but i'm fine now after i went to a...umm...for a reflexology or something. (ok, lame i know but i don't know what that place is called) i got a nice, relaxing massage.
*thumbs up*


REMEMBER, no pain, no gain?

woah! i pretended to be brave in front of the masseur but inside, i was whimpering like crazy, especially when he squeezed my sprained part!

like Michee said, the man DID bandaged my feet! but first, he applied this squishy dark brown- looking ointment on me that i thought was freshly-squeezed intestines :/

he then stuck a cabbage leaf onto my sprained part which i thought was really weird! i think my ankle has been sandwiched, literally. it even smells like one now!

hmmm, you know what? last time, i always wanted to get a broken leg or arm cause i assumed it would be cool to have it. everyone would ask you what happen and all and pity you and all that..

well, i got it(partly) so i should be happy right?

NOT! the pain is not worth it *sobs*

on second thought, it does feel cool to have this bandage B) muahahaha! heheh, i know i'm making such a big fuss out of it but let me be, its my first time!

check out my poor nails:

before :D

after playing the bouncer :(

nevertheless, i did have fun at Sabena's house :) thanks for inviting me! yes, i was super upset at one point because my ankle was really painful and something i regret doing suddenly struck me.

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