Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!


My parents, my siblings, my grandmothers, my Suzie, my close friends, my friends, my blog readers and of course NOT my haters!

I know... "Tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la la la la"

But. I. Don't. Care.

Ooooh! I sound so bitchy! Actually, i wanted to say out my greetings in a video blog but then i decided not to! HAHA cause i wanted to add in "not my haters" and then show the "middle finger pose" out. I think its a little bit too over so i decided to just blog it out here.

Oh, about the picture above *heh heh heh* I actually wanna take a picture of me wearing a christmas hat but I don't have one! Seriously! I think i lost it..boohoo

So i added a mini christmas hat! How d'you like it? :D I actually wanted to entertain you readers by posting up a pic of a very smexy topless hot Santa-guy but then i can't search for it in bing! BOO much!

I'm in malaysia bah. The law has restricted us from searching for these kind of porny stuff. But you know what I typed out?

"hot guy wearing a santa hat"

What is so porny about that? o_O

Eh, mind you, I don't usually search for these kind of stuff online in Brunei ok. If i can, i will search for the extreme ones *wink wink* LOL! Just kidding.

If you guys really really really really wanna see a hot santa pic, go search it in google by yourself. I don't wanna post up pictures of topless peeps at the moment considering that I have so much of them now on my blog...*looks around*

So, how did you guys celebrate christmas?

As for me, (Look out for bla bla bla daily entry now)

1) I went to church
2) I went shopping
3) I'm back home, sitting and blogging.


4) Hopefully *fingers crossed* if it doesn't rain tonight, I will be going out for dinner :D

Yeay! You know, life in Miri isn't that bad. I know, it isn't as awesome as travelling overseas..but i'm happy. I get to use internet 24/7 and eat and sleep and do anything I want(not really everything)

You know what I really H-A-T-E?

People who make fun of me indirectly or DIRECTLY just because I don't get to go anywhere during the holidays.

So, you're going this particular famous tourist country or something and yeah, I'm not going.

"Staying at miri? Just get to eat and sleep, kasian you eh..."

"As for me, I'm going "inserts-whatever-shit-place-you're-going" and inserts "smug-ed face smiley*

Tell me, how would you feel if that person said that to you? I feel very insulted. If you want to brag about it, go blog or tweet/facebook status about it! Why must you tell me?

At least, if you said it in a nice way, I would feel much much better. Like,

"Hey! I'm going "inserts-whatever-nice-place-youre going" tomorrow! Eeps! I'm so excited! I feel sorry for you tho. You always stay at miri. Aren't you bored?"

Much, much better.

WAIT..."Tis the season to be jolly"

I must remember this quote...

I am jolly! :B

Anyway, what's christmas without christmas songs? :D

Here are some that I personally like:

HAHA! ok, so this isn't the original one..but the penguins are sooooo cute!

Once again, Have a great Christmas! :)

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