Monday, December 07, 2009

i hate you, mister

i haven't write a bitchy blog entry for a very long time already..

i don't even remember when i last wrote that kind of blog posts! the only reason i don't write bitchy posts is because some people have been complaining to my friends that they don't like it (cause they think i'm referring to them WHICH IS COMPLETELY FALSE)

well, this is my blog so i blog what i want! there are of course some stuffs that can't be written here but bitching about stuffs, hmm. guess they're okay. everybody does that anyway!


i like reading blogs that are interesting and have a little bit of everything but i hate it when i stumble across blogs that have emo or angry blog posts all the way down! its so irritating! if you are so angry with life, might as well just end it!

complaining once in a while is fine, but complaining on a daily basis is SO not fine!

same goes to people who have vulgar words in every blog posts. what? that makes you cool?

"fuck man, today i went into this shitty store that sells shitty stuffs. even the people are shitty too and that makes me shitty too. those fuckers have nothing else better than being shitty the whole day"

so NOT cool.

OH YA! i just thought of this.

"if you look like shit, you will FEEL like shit!"

HAHA! SO TRUE! same goes to:

"if you feel like shit, you will LOOK like shit!"



people who always edit their photos.

i dislike it so much! in facebook, blogs or twitter or whatever, i just dislike it! note: its edit, not photoshopping!


people who ask me "what are you doing now?" in msn when i'm chatting to them.

ISN'T it obvious? :O


PEOPLE who chat too serious on msn.

ok lah, that i don't really have a problem with but i just dislike it when a certain somebody chat to me like that. i hate people who act very lihai in english when they actually suck in it _I_

saиdy ¹4.. says:
wtf ur problem bao bei

people like **her**


okay, i guess that's all. i don't have feel that bitchy today! :D

cause i bought lots of stuffs! WOO WOO! i'm wearing a baju kurong to school next year! i have ALWAYS wanted to wear a baju kurong for soooooo long! since its my last year, heh heh, :D why not i try it?

hey, also, have you guys realised something?

why do pretty girls always end up falling for the not so impressive looking guys i.e ugly?

my point of view: maybe its because they got sick of the bad guys and they tend to fall for guys who treat them nicer.

have you watch "I love you, Beth Cooper"? well, that explains it all.

as for Why hot guys fall in love with the not so impressive looking girls i.e ugly?

its because those kind of girls tend to be more shy and more different than the usual hot girls. hot girls are usually very wild and hyper and maybe the hot guys got sick of em' and in the end, he falls in love with the plain ol Jane. 0:)

something like Twilight?

ok, bye! random blog post i know, but i just wanna get a few things off my mind for the time being ^^

loving my new rose hair tie so much <3

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