Tuesday, December 22, 2009

happy tang yuen festival!

I really really HATE it when people post super meaningless statuses in facebook.

I hate it even more when they post something so complex that only they themselves can get it.

Example no.1

"Icecream tastes lovely without you."

"If you don't, I will"

"Maybe it isn't enough but i guess it is."

"You never told me what you did."

"Perhaps it is a congenial castle in the sky"

OH~KAY~the worst part is, people liking it. Is this even like-able? What is there to like? I don't even get it! All those bunch of losers liking it makes me wanna puke!

Until now, i still don't get it why they like it. Is it cause...

1) Its complex and complex is mysterious and mysterious is love. (hey! i actually think this would make a great status other than all those mention above)

2) It sounds "cool"

WHAT i hate even more is seeing a bunch of english retards doing it! What? I'm mean i know but doesn't it irritate you when you see someone who is initially not good at english suddenly writing complex english words that you yourself don't even understand?

I even tried to search for the words in google! O_O

Reactions you will get when you try to read the "amazing" statuses:

1) Jaw-dropping
2) Your pupils will dilate
3) Moving near your computer screen

Okay, moving on to the happier things in my life...which are Tang Yuens! :D


i don't really like eating tang yuens but i love making them! They're so easy to make and cook!

the tangyuen dough..what an unappealing sight :P

TA-DA! I rolled and made all of those balls by myself! :D HAHA! I sound like a bimbo.

Being the greedy person I am, i made the tangyuens as big and round as possible! Turns out you have to make them small cause its hard to shallow and chew. Please, learn from the expert --> me

YES! I made them in huge sizes and WOAH~i had a hard time digesting it. It took me about 5 minutes to shallow one tangyuen! No joke!

the tangyuens are enjoying the heat in the jacuzzi

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PICTURE! Look at it! Can you see the smoke diffusing out of the tangyuen?

Its an amazing picture considering that it was taken using my *cough* phone.

the end product!

how it will look like when its cut into half

So how did you guys celebrate tang yuen festival? Poor me, i had this:

Fresh orange juice and chicken noodles with egg!

HAHA! Just kidding. That's my late night snack! (L)

as usual, i have nothing else to blog about so I'll end this post with a very very old picture of mine.

OH yea, which would you guys prefer?

1) I update my blog frequently with short posts


2) I update my blog infrequently with long posts

Well, you can't really have the best of both worlds :)

And, if you guys are BORED with my posts which i highly doubt so, you can always click on the link below my archives :D

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