Sunday, December 20, 2009

dark-skinned = hot?

goToday, in a supermarket, a saleslady tried to convince me to buy one of her whitening products.

WELL, i am of course, insulted.

HAHA! Okaylah, i am just bluffing. I don't feel insulted at all. I mean, being dark right? What's the big deal?


Alright, let me make myself clear, i HATE being dark because it doesn't suit me at all. A lot of people *coughs* seem to hate my dark skin, no idea why. They think i will look better if i'm fairer.

I won't deny that. Its true. People who are fair are indeed prettier-looking.

But, after being dark tan-skinned for months, i'm used to people saying i'm dark. I have a good excuse too! *evil smile*

Person: Why are you so dark, Lilian?!?
Me: Dark is hot okay! *roll eyes*

WHAT! AM I NOT RIGHT? TELL ME, how many celebrities look hot with fair skin? Well, none. Okay, there are some but whatever...that's not the main point.

Do you think guys will look hot with fair skin? (okay, hehe, today i saw a handsome guy who is fairer than me hehehe)

Personally, i think guys look sissy with fair skin! Sorry!


Dark-skinned guys will look much more hotter if they are dark. Girls on the other hand *sigh* will look NOT hot if they are dark-skinned. Is that statement true?

If you agree to that, well, i'm gonna prove you wrong today!

BEHOLD! I present you the bevy of HAWT dark-skinned babes!

3) Beyonce


She's an african and is dark skinned. *smirks* Check out her very shiny, illuminating, toned bod! Don't you want a piece of her?!?

2) Jessica Alba

I believe ALMOST every straight guy in this world admire her. Tell me, what's not to love? She's mixed, have gorgeous features, an amazing body, gorgeous tan-skin and...oh, she's married. Too bad, guys.

1) Megan Fox

HMMMMMMMMMM, she's not actually considered dark-skinned, somewhere in the middle of pale and dark, BUT, she is STILL not pale, so yeah, welcome her to the category of dark-skinned babes!

I definitely had a hard time finding a DECENT-LOOKING picture of appreciate it. But no worries, i bet she still looks hot with...her clothes on.

I know, the other two aren't that decent looking but HEY! I'm just trying to emphasize the thought that they both look hot too compared to Megan Fox.

WELL, so...are dark-skinned girls hot to you now?

MUAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Ok, look here haters, if you want to comment on how UN-HOT i am, well..think twice before you do that. :) Not like i ever said that I'm hot right *roll eyes*

I seriously hate it when people smoke in restaurants or coffee shops! It is such an inconsiderate and stinky action! Whatmore, the non-smokers are eating that time!

But i always calm myself down by thinking, "Hmm. I will see those asshole faces in the newspaper tomorrow, in the DEATH section."

OOOOO! It certainly makes me feel better when i think about that. *grins*

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