Sunday, December 06, 2009

bouncer parteh

HELLO peeps!

as stated in the last post, i went to Sabena's house for a bouncer party and got my first sprain there :D (AHAHAH! WHUT!)

its recovering soon which means that i can walk without hobbling anymore! what's weird is, i do not have trouble climbing up the stairs BUT going down the stairs! no idea why!

starting the picture post with none other than, MY FACE *smirks* nails *sobs*

looks a little dirt-eee!

hey, so i was wondering, there are lots of techniques you can use to slide down the bouncer right? so which ones are your favourites?

"The Aladdin"

"The Jump"


"The Supermodel Me?" *grins*

this one is known as "Better not copy or you will end up like me" pose

AND UH-NOPE, i did not get my ankle sprained cause of that! in case you're wondering, i hate this fugly picture of me so much! but i'm just posting it up for the sake of amusement 0:)


HEH HEH HEH! caught on camera, weeising! just admit it if you're gay! :p poor baewei must feel so molested now!

ZOMBIELAND! guys trying to chase us poor girls :'(

Officer Khai put a halt to it and caught those two evils red-handed!

Khai: cmon fellas, you're going to jail!

Aaron Soon: *sobs* can i call my mummy first?

Alden: NNOOO! please, sir! you can join us too!

i love this picture! :D


andric showing you how to bolly-dance!


this notorious, disgusting, sickening so called food isn't even fit for an animal TO EAT! its called "Crab Pate" and its the worst food i have ever ATE! P-TUI!

you can even see from my face expression that it tasted horrible! one small teeny weeny bite is enough to make you puke! *barfs* actually, smelling it IS more than enough to make you puke!! Baewei took 10 bites! *clap clap*

us, yamseng and drinking Irish Beer (which tasted horrible btw) SORRY! i don't like drinking beer, except for Shandy!

but it tasted so much better after i mixed it with sprite!

hubby and wife drinking the champagne of love! NOT! HAHAHA! i am always the guy :(

anyway, i'm in miri right now! HEHEHE! one thing i love it about here is, i can sleep in peace without any radios blasting out loud early in the morning and i can use internet 24/7! i dont have to hear my mama nag!

but i sure will miss her :( and i kinda miss my brother, Dexter. HAHAHA! my mum said something so funny just now!

Mum: i'm so scared later when Dexter come back, he will be fatter than ever! then we have to buy him new undies..


ok, bye! its 1 AM but i'm not sleepy yet, i think i will just check out blogshops till i'm sleepy!

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