Saturday, December 26, 2009

bigger and brighter eyes not


Yesterday at night, after fulfilling my stomach with well-cooked huge-arsed crabs (oooooooh, i regret not taking a pic of it! It's bound to make you guys green with envy!) i decided to be vain.

anyway, i wrote that meaningless crap just to piss you guys off only. HAHA.

Back to the main topic,

I was searching for "how to curl hair using a hair straightener" videos and then i stumbled onto Normally, i only view the videos which has the highest views and hers were the highest so yeap.

I like her videos! Especially her vlogs! They're so cool and she's so cute! I like how she made herself look man-ish looking in videos! Not lots of girls will do that.

Typical girls will only choose to post up nice pictures of themselves and if they look horrible in it, they censor it.

WTF? Censor for what? If its not nice, then don't post it up! Censoring pictures is the weirdest shit ever! It will look even ugli-er if you censor it! DUH!

Ok, back to the topic~ (I always go out of topic when i'm ranting heh)

I checked out one of her vids: How to make eyes look bigger and brighter

Obviously, people who have small eyes will be curious upon seeing this --> mainly me

HMPH! If i have such invisible eyes that cannot be seen, well, trying to put on eyemakeup will be problem for me! But,

BWAHAHAHAHA! I have no problem putting them *smug*

Well, girls who have big natural dolly looking eyes are soooooo lucky. This eye makeup will work if you have:

1) Big dolly eyes
2) double eyelids (mine is single boohoo but i will not do double eyelid surgery :D)
3) Good makeup skills

HA-HA-HA, i know i have none of the above, but trying won't hurt. ;)

The before! Check out my super sparse eyebrows HEHEHEHE!

And also my terrible eyebags! YUCKS! I don't usually have such thick eyebags but now i have T_T cause i go to bed at 2 or 3am!

My eyes are getting droopier too! Is it cause of my contact lenses? Rumour said that those who usually wear contact lenses will have droopy eyes! Or is it cause my eyes are naturally droopy? Hmm...i will think of an answer to that some other day..

love my horrible eyebags? Its easy to get and requires no money

OK, after 15 minutes..

I got this




not so bad i must say for myself *cough cough*

Obviously, i wouldn't post up the pictures if I don't like it! HAHAHA! DUH!!

I like it SO MUCH BETTER when my eyes are closed! HAHA! When i open it, *woah* it's creepy la. But when its closed, you can see that the eyeshadow is properly blend in and that makes me very very proud of myself.

When eyeshadows are blended well, the colours will look so nice! At first, when i watch the video, i thought that the way she mixed the eyeshadows are a bit weird, then only when i tried it out myself, i found out it works! It does blend in really well.


*Bat eyelids*
















and without my "fake eyeslashes"

TA-DA! You can see the eyeshadow and eyeliner line more clearer now!

Oh~kay~, i know it looks "not that nice" (Sorry, i wouldn't say horrible cause if it is i wouldn't post it up)

My guesses are its because

1) I do not have double eyelids *hmmmph*
2) I do not have so many different colours of eyeshadows! So i had to use the same one each time T_T (Plz watch the vid to get what i meant)
3) I do not have white eyeliner! (BIG BOO!) I used shimmery white eyeshadow instead.
4) I do have a big fluffy eyeshadow brush like her(i can only depend on a puny one)
5) I did not use liquid eyeliner, i used a pencil one instead

and 6) I did not wear contacts lenses so I had blurry vision! HAHA LAME EXCUSE LA! Just saying ok. Cause my eyes will look smaller without them.

I know my face looks so oily in this pic(its cause of the shimmery eyeshadow ok)

Can you see the blending effect? ^^

p/s: Ignore the specs patches

Um. *coughs* Irrelevant pic but i like my hair here soooo..

Webcam pictures! I took a whole lot of em!

You can't really see the colours..only the eyeliner can be seen very very clearly.

*points to my lashies*

Oh, do excuse what I was wearing last night. The focus is on my eyes, not my clothes so I didn't bother to change.

At least my headband looks nice ^^

p/s: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ignore my messy and unplucked eyebrows!

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