Tuesday, December 29, 2009

bbq party

I'm back in Brunei already peeps! :(

I miss my grandmother sooooooo much now...i miss the fun in Miri...well, actually its more of the internet. LOL!

Because in Miri, i have unlimited internet and unlimited food! Seriously! My grandma is like my personal maid :p anything i want, i just call her to fetch it for me!

Anyway, on the day I came back to Brunei, i rushed to Baewei's house for a bbq party. Initially, i didn't want to go because I still miss my grandma *sobs* but then i decided to go after being brutally forced by Vincent.

I'll start the picture post with this:

How do I look like as an army girl? LOL!

Nyeh heheheh, for the first time in my entire life, my head actually looks smaller than my body!

Check out Sandy's newly grown moustache!

I told Sandy to "act-cute" and she gave this!


*Bang bang* i bang you, you bang me *cowboy song playing at the background*

I think Sandy looks so seductive here with her long soft hair and also the specs! rrrrrawr

We decided to be angels and help the guys for a while

Look at the grill! Three measly chickens? TSK TSK! This shows that Vincent has 0 skill in barbequing!

*coughs* Did i mention that he burned all of the 3 chickens above? -_-

They called me the "Honey Girl" because I'm suweeeeeeeet like honey 0:)

HHAHHAHAA the real reason is cause I offered to glaze the chickens with honey!

While making fishBALLS, i suddenly thought of Meithing's beautifully structured round face!

"As round as a fishball" The essence of a round face.

HEHEHE! I love this picture! Sabena looks so horny here!

We were trying to portray the evil crazy guy I saw at Seria earlier on.

On the way back to Brunei, I saw a lunatic person holding two knives in total, one on each hand, slashing here and there! He was running around in the middle of the road again! My family and I were of course, terrified!

It was funny when a big muscular tattoo-ed guy drove by and told us "Go another way! Giler orang tu!"

HAHAHAHA! That's why, "never judge a book by its cover"

While the boys were bbq-ing, the girls kept themselves busy by messing with the um. massager.

Pictures below are taken using Fadli's DSLR so credits to him! :D

the girls! You can see Sandy's red/pig face!

Kaypo Vincent decided to join in!


You can see me sucking the wings innocently 0:)

me and Pearl

Why am I always the man? *moans*

I drank vodka for the first time that night! ^___^V

I was forced to T___T by those evil people! Wow! A little sip of vodka is enough to make you dizzy and red-faced! I definitely want to try it again!

and and 2010 is coming in about, two days time! :D

I am excited for it! I miss school :( like seriously! Not just my friends but school! I miss sitting inside the classroom, the fresh air of the school, the canteen and so much more! In conclusion, I just can't wait to go back to school!

I will be blogging about 2009 soon but not now. I assume you guys that it will be a looooooooong post filled with words. :)

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