Wednesday, November 11, 2009

you, shut up.


i focus so much on the practical part and forgot about the oral T_T my nervousness didn't help much either!

my hands didn't sweat this time but they were shivering like mad and my legs were wobbling like jelly while i walk and my heart pounded 10 times faster than usual! yes, you could say that i'm not nervous, but VERY NERVOUS.

the examiner was nice and REALLY kind. seriously. playing the scales was okay, not a single error. the songs were also hmm-hmm but WHEN i played the second song halfway(there are three exam pieces to be played), i accidentally pressed the wrong key! i couldn't readily locate the error(POA much?) so i asked the examiner whether i could restart!

EEEE! my piano teacher told me that marks will be minus out if i did that! T_T and how ironic, that song was actually the song i can play better than the other two.

OH my orals sucked EVEN MORE! i wasn't even prepare for the questions man! my teacher didnt even tell me to memorize the musical definitions!

guess what i answered?


like so obvious right? but i just dont want to give that answer because i'm kiasu so i said "smooth" I AM SUCH an idiot.

moderato-not fast, not slow. I BLURTED OUT SMOOTH.

piu mosso- Indicates a change in tempo: more movement or faster. Literally: more motion. This change is usually sudden, as if indicating a new tempo.

what did i say? fast and SMOOTH.

am i like addicted to to the word smooth? i keep saying it non-stop! URGH!

i also applied physics in some of the questions she asked!

i said "oh, i have to play it in a constant motion"

WTF RIGHT? OMG! SOOOOOOOOOOOO dumb dumb dumb dumb! *smacks forehead repeatedly*

now i can't even hope for a merit! i just want a pass and that's enough already :(


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