Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon

Yesterday, i went to watch New Moon with Michee,Maria,Sandy and Sabena! the guys couldn't make it so the two seats were left empty.

Michee was worried that Maria would burst out laughing in the middle of the movie so she moved one seat away from Maria! HAHA! instead, i was the one laughing!

hey, i wasn't laughing at Edward Cullen or Jacob Black (well, he is funny in the front parts) but at a woman sitting in front of me! she looks 40 or 50-ish and is alone which is weird cause i thought mamas don't usually like watching teenage romance movies unless its to accompany their daughters or SONS?!

sadly, the movies have no subtitles so i don't really get some parts of the movie. :(

AND OK, i admit, Jacob Black is indeed very HOT in the movie after he snip off his long locks and got a tattoo. come to think of it, he looks baywatch-material with his long hair too...


and i definitely like Edward Cullen more cause he has beautiful eyes. who cares about his pale hairy chested body? he can always tan himself more to get brown skin like Jacob and work out at the gym to get a muscular body right? :D

okay, i'm gonna stop rambling about New Moon non-stop, and yes, New Moon was awesome! :D its as awesome as Twilight although i do teeny weeny prefer Twilight a bit more because its more romantic and tells how the romance of Bella and Edward started :)

pictures from yesterday's outing...

do excuse the very pixelated pictures. heh, i will remind myself to always use flash from now on

Sandy with the poster of New Moon

me, maria and michee were trying to imitate the poster of New Moon

HAHAHA! but i failed terribly because i couldn't control my laughter! I'm Edward Cullen, Mar's Jacob Black and Michee is none other than Bella Swan! Check out Mich's facial expression!

me pursuing Maria to take another picture but she didn't want to :(

its okay, Mar, we can always do it in private *wink wink*

i had dinner at Cheezbox with Sandy and Sabena! the chicken lasagna was so deliciously good! *thumbs up* i miss it already!

we were insanely vain while waiting for my food to arrive. KNS! their service is so slow!

i know you like this pic the most, Sandy

she was trying to feed me

will you just eat that nasty thing hanging on your mouth, Sandy?!?

Sandy: "YA HOR! i look so ke ai in this picture"

she self-praise a lot.

nice lightings eh?

anyway, i'm FEELING ENERGIZED TODAY! maybe its cause i woke up at 11.53 am sharp today! life is GOOOOOOOOOOOOO-D!

and i'm excited because Michee is going to do a konadicure for my nails! zebratic prints! :D and i definitely want to go out i'm thinking..should i go to Sibu? :/

its a hard decision. if i stay in Brunei, i can hang out with my friends but if i'm in Sibu i can use internet 24/7....


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