Thursday, November 19, 2009


i have found a new editing program and it is none other than..


hey,i am still loyal to adobe photoshop alright but Picasa just offers more interesting editing effects!

i never knew about Picasa as an image editing program until Fadli told me about it! :O i thought it was just another image displayer like Nero or Windows Live Photo Gallery(which i am currently using)

Anyway, thanks to Fadli, because of you i tried to explore Picasa!

Picasa has an AMAZING feature that will probably attract all you image conscious peeps!

its called the..

Retouch effect

i just simply made up that name heh :)

i'm gonna show the before and after pictures of the retouch effect and prove how powerful it is!

*double click if you want to

in this pic, you can see my pimply forehead which is not very obvious unless you enlarge this picture which i dont think most of you will..

and after using the retouch effect, its GONE!


it makes your skin a whole lot smoother and clears away whatever pimples you have on your face!

now i know how all those celebrity bloggers make their skin so smooth and pimply-free. >:)

i'm not gonna try this out because i already have clear skin *flips hair* HAHA! just kidding.

more pictures..

before the retouch effect

and after

eyebags and two small spots gone, skin fairer and smoother, teeth whiter than before although its already white (OK, that i was SERIOUSLY JOKING)

HOWEVER, i hate this picture. i look so scary and plastic-looking!! i prefer the above picture so much more than this one.

i did edit some other pictures of people but i won't mention any names here. HAHA!

and also i learnt how to do "colour splash" in pictures! kudos to myself.

i also used the soft-focus effect which made the pictures

hehehe! i love this picture a lot! we looked so happy!

i know pro photographers like to take a lot of sky pictures and then edit the colours to make them look more vibrant.

well, don't compare mine to theirs alright, i'm still a beginner. 0:)

see how powerful editing programs are?

even on days where you are feeling bad without makeup, you can always rely on editing programs! ^^

its not a very smart choice but if you're bored, then GO FOR IT!

anyway, i found this funny!

ENLARGE IT! LOL! its seriously lame.

somehow, i think they are so cute when they fight with one another. 0:) like brother and sister. NOT!

please don't laugh when i say this out.


i used to take pictures of the screen with my phone and always wondered why do other people's screen pics look less pixelated than mine and always ask myself is it my phone problem or webcam etc..

HAHA, now i know why.

i saw the Prt Sc button and i pressed it and VOILA! :p

no lah, i actually search for "How to print screen" in google.

LOUSY MUCH! but at least i searched for it and experimented with it. its just like creating a blogskin. learn the basics first before learning how to create a blogskin.

which is learn HTML codes first and then photoshop and then you can proceed to learning how to create a blogskin.

OMG! i act like such a pro. HAHA!

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