Monday, November 02, 2009

natalie portman is beautiful.


i'm gonna cut my hair tomorrow! yipppeee!

exams aren't OFFICIALLY over yet but its just one more day to UNLIMITED FREEDOM! and oh! tomorrow i'm having D.Math paper 1. :(

even tho it doesn't require any memorizing, its still hard because i need to do a few practices to understand it well but here i am, blogging instead of studying. ahhh, okay, will do it right after i'm done with this. :D

and i'm gonna change back to photobucket to upload pictures because flickr

1) uploads very slow
2) loads very slow too
3) mine isn't DSLR-quality anyway, why bother? :P

cheers for tomorrow!

anyway, i created a "Natalie Portman" simmy.

obviously, the real Natalie Portman looks wayyyyy better than the one i made. but hey, it resembles her a little, right? :/

i love you, Natalie Portman :D

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