Monday, November 30, 2009

my zebraaatic nails

seeing Michee's tweet gave me an idea to blog...

SO what do you guys do when you're upset?

i know a lot of people prefer to eat when they are upset or angry but i don't do that. instead i either

1) watch funny shows on television

sometimes, there aren't any funny shows on tv so this isn't a very good idea to chase away your miserable feelings.


2) shout, scream, throw things or just get really violent

i throw my soft toys...heh heh *guilty*

i guess this is probably the best way to release your anger and to make yourself feel better! but, this is a bad idea too because you hurt the people around you and also abuse your poor little teddies. (mine to be exact) it also waste a lot of your energy. no one likes wasting their energy on people who are not worth it.

3) lie on the floor/bed/anything soft and squishy and think

this is what i do MOST of the time when i'm feeling very VERY upset. i usually lie on the floor and not on the bed (no idea why) and think about the stuffs that makes me sad.

overall, which idea do you prefer? something violent? non-violent? in the middle?

i guess everyone have their own ways on how they would like to be cheered up..

death is definitely one of them and probably the most easiest way to some people! AHH! this reminds me of a quote in twilight.

Death is peaceful-and easy. Life is harder. - Bella Swan

HEY! i'm not asking any of you to choose this alternative okay! but if some of you bitches want to... oh yes, you can. help yourself :) none of my business! since you whine a lot about your life, might as well just end it right? :D

HAHAHA! i sound so mean.

anyway, i finally have ZEBRATIC PRINTS on my nails *bat eyelids*

HEHEHEH! all thanks to Michee 0=)

i know i whined a lot that time, heheh, sorry sifu, sorry!

i was SERIOUSLY SO not used to my black gothic like nails that time! it looks so horrible on me and i hate it so much!

hehehe, it took me 15 minutes to apply black nail polish on merely two fingers! slow much? i'm a perfectionist B)

when the whole process is done...nice? :D it doesnt look like i applied planko, right?

how do you like both of our nails?

i was then vain with my wild nails ;) actually, the manicurist instructed me to do that

my zebratic nails complement my pink laptop so well!

i love Jiayee's doggie, Snowy soooooo much! its so adorable :D yet, scary when it barks

its paws were actually clamped onto my head

*heart melts*

its checking me out belting a tune B)

today, i decided to take more pictures of my zebratic printed nails :D with my camera phone!

awkward finger position, i know :p

ok, looks better without flash

i defintely love my wild nails so much right now!

thankyou my personal manicurist 0=)

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