Sunday, November 29, 2009

happy birthday my princess

My good woman,

we have been friends for almost 4 years...and we're closer than ever! :D

i still remember how we became just took us merely one night to get close! isn't it weird? :/

we met in i.c.c and we just clicked like that. i wasn't shy with you at all and can talk about almost anything with you! i feel so secure with you and can trust you with my secrets.

did you know you were the only friend that has never called me "annoying"? when other people hate me for being so annoying, you were there for me. when they forced you to not be friends with me, you ignored them.

thankyou for being my best friend 0=) (L)

i will never forget how you like to give me and maria the "evil eye"

we went KK together in form one and were known as the "Room 101" girls

and that was when we found ourselves attracted to older guys, ey? *wink wink* Z CUP!??

this was when you got your B-mobile phone which you hate it afterwards because so many people have the same phone like you! HAHA!

the Michelle Low Jia Yee aka Michee aka Jia Jia aka Michums has now evolved into a mature and gorgeous lady....


I LOVE YOU! have a blast and may all your wishes come true.

obviously, you WILL have a blast cause you're behind me right now watching E-news on television and then you're gonna do my nails for me!

HAHA! I AM SO MEAN abusing the birthday girl and instructing her to do my nails on her special day! :)

well, she was keen about it anyway!

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