Sunday, November 15, 2009


hello peeps!

i went to watch 2012 with my friends yesterday. throughout the whole 2 hours and 30 minutes of the movie, i felt like i was part of the cast, seriously! its like i'm in another universe running for my life with all these unknown strangers!

no wonder so many people like watching movies on the big screen compared to the small tv's at home. :p but i HAVE NEVER watched scary/ghost movies in the cinema! who wanna watch with me? i think its gonna be so awesome!

OH YEAH. i ever watched. "Where got Ghost?" but its not exactly a ghost movie, so yeah, not counted!


2012 had really exciting and thrilling scenes so overall, its not bad. :)

after watching the movie, i am aware of what's happening around the world and that made me so worried! i do not want to end up like all those victims you see in the movie! smacked by fire balls? squashed by the buildings? falling off from the bridges? washed away by the waves? (okay, this is not bad actually, easy way of dying)

ok, what have i learnt from this movie?

1) we should definitely recycle more
2) michee was very noisy, but only at the front parts of the movie :p
3) always say "I love you" to the ones you love or you will regret!
4) if i was one of the unlucky people, i would just give up cause i really do not want to die the hard way! (poor Gordon *wipes tears*)
5) do prepare 100 billion euro dollars just in case
6) where is Brunei?

there were of course, downsides in the movie.

there was this part where poor Gordon was squashed flat by the.....tyre or something. so sad! and its weird that his girlfriend, the main character's ex wife, didn't even cry for him! she wasn't even mourning over him and she got back with her husband just like that. POOR GORDON!

oh. have i mentioned how much i hated this old man in the movie who spoke like Java (Martin Mystery), except worse. he sounded exactly like a monster or a dino and his two twin sons are revolting. sorry, no pictures of them because i do not want to come into my blog and the first thing i see are their faces.

the plain water is...mine. :)

hehehe, what?!? i dont like to use my own money to buy expensive drinks for myself. hahaha! i rather use my dad's.

HAHAHA! SANDY! OMG! look at what she's wearing.

she's wearing sleeveless! isnt that such a shock? she always complained that i wore too much sleeveless clothes! guess Miss Act-Cute decided to show off her sexy toned arms to the world :p

my eyebrow looks nice here! ^^

bitching about me, isit?



i have no idea why she kept on giving me cold stares...

pucker up!

she's intimidated of me.

psssT, Miss Tough Girl drew her eyebrows

michee's giving her signature big-eyed puppy face look!


i love my lashies here! heheh

and i'm in miri right now and guess what time is it? its nearly 2 AM! HAHA! it took me an hour to write this entry because...i do not know what to blog about. so sad right?


i must never go on MSN when i'm in the midst of blogging.

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