Sunday, October 04, 2009

what i learnt

what have i learnt from KBFSC? :D

- next year's crosscountry is NOT a problem for me *smirks*

- i wont be THAT scared of insects now

- i have been stung by a small bee and experienced PAIN! :p

- i am sure i will do awesome in The Amazing Race Asia race

- height is not a fear to me anymore

- i am a good hiker when going downhill *prasan*

- i did not put makeup at all when wearing contacts (ever since the first time i put on my first pair of contact lenses, i have never been seen without makeup, except for school)

- i rarely have insomnia now! YEAY!

- i can wiggle one of my eyebrows (at the end only)


HAHAHA! YES GUYS GOSSIP. who sez guys don't gossip, huh? i even saw them whispering to one another with my own eyes. gay much?

ANYWAY, i will blog MORE about the trip after i get the pictures! :) heheh, thankyou so much, camera people!

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