Monday, October 12, 2009

twist! :p

Hi peeps!

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how do you like my "twist" which Baewei calls it a basket? :(

heheh, i love it so much! it was hard to keep my hair in place as my hair was layered but it was all good as i did a few practices the night before!

another reason why i love it is because it doesn't leave the horrible hair mark behind which all girls dread. no need for telephone coil hairbands anymore!

anyway, i had my Bio Practicals today and i regret not studying MORE! i only flipped thru the pages! *sniff*

and i did a lot of stupid things while doing the practical! *smacks forehead*

1) i placed the cut sultanas on the while tile and drop 2 cm3 of Benedict's Reagent on it and wondered why there was no colour change. then when i looked up, i realized everybody is walking around with a test-tube in their hands and i finally realized that i was supposed to put it in a test-tube and boil it in the water bath for 10 minutes instead!

that wasted a lot of my time! and the colour i got was a pale yellowish colour + dark brown = shit colour?

even though it does look like poo, it certainly smelled really GOOD! i had fun sniffing it :)

now i know a new recipe! boiled crushed sultanas! YUM! it had this pandan mixed with agar-agar smell!

2) i accidentally used the cucumber as an eraser! that was a totally D-UH moment man!

overall, it was so-so!

i don't want to do worse for my practicals and exams so i'm gonna take a break from the blogging world!


irrelevant to this entry, i have found my circle of friends already! this feeling is so AWESOME! =) i love you guys sooooooo MUCH!

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