Tuesday, October 06, 2009

time can't erase a feeling this strong..

since i have nothing much interesting to blog, i will just blog about random stuffs then!

just a while then, i was watching a korean show on tv. the scene started like this:

this man spotted his fiancee with another man. his fiancee doesn't love him at all but was forced to engaged to him over some family matters, i guess.

let's name fiance as A and the other man as B.

A: do you like Nayun?
B: no.
A: *relieved*
B: i love her. *with a serious face*
A: *shocked and angry expression*


ohhh, another funny but lame convo between me and Sandy.

me: i feel like drinking shandy man...
Sandy: neh! beside you lah!

you know what, guys? im having this really weird yet special feeling but i don't know where it came from or who made me that way. i just feel very...very..rejuvenated. :)

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