Friday, October 09, 2009

stop being so self-centered.

stuffs that I AM currently very annoyed with:

1) there's this particular blog in which the blogger kept on complaining why noone reads his/her blog and wondering why couldn't she/he get more advertorials so she/he could result in having more "ka-ching"


you know why? that's because your life is B-O-R-I-N-G hence having B-O-R-I-N-G entries! get it? and you dont land advertorials because you're not as popular like other famous bloggers out there!

i seem to have answered all of your questions. tough but true, guess that's life. deal with it. ;)

2) self-centered and dramatic people

i wonder how come there are people who are just so self-centered and not care about the people beside them? they think the world revolves around them, people have to respect them, care about them etc yet they do not do the same to others!

how about dramatic people? you can hear them sigh-ing over little stuffs, crying over puny stuffs and all those shits when you yourself have already overcome even more serious problems than these!


3) why some people can be so judgemental

i was reading Tammy Tay's blog(ohsofickle) and she posted up a few pictures of a model she's going to use in her blogshop. i thought that the model was really cute and pretty until i read some of the comments under the post and it instantly raged me up!

i think she looks too young la
** 09.27.09 - **** pm #

well, what do you want? an auntie?

being pretty's nice, but she seriously doesn't carry off the clothes well, looks like a stick to me... And especially not suitable to model since not everyone's as stick-thin as her? like in the 2nd pic, she's so flat that the bodycon dress shows only one thing - no curves at all -.-
x 09.26.09 - ***** pm #

see how these critics voice out their comments like know-it-alls? notice that they don't leave their links behind because they are WORRIED they would get judged!

"she's pretty leh..but i'm how..? think of something...AHA! she's skinny! taunt her with that therefore, it pulls up my self esteem! mission accomplished!"

i'm sure most of those shitties think like that. :)

one of the shitties left their bloglink so i went in and left with much disappointment. :)

she commented on the model being stick-thin. well, she's not that better either because she's short and fat! at one point while reading her blog posts, my hands were itching to spam at her tagboard firing nasty comments! but, i didn't b...cause..

let's just say, being spammed is not a good feeling.

i know most of you think that i'm trying to defend myself since i'm skinny too. but really, that's not my point.

last time, being fat was an issue. now, even being skinny is an ISSUE TO BE MADE FUN OF! must we be what everyone expects us to be?

there are of course times when i hated how skinny i looked and wished i could have more meat. but when i think of all those models i see in fashion shows, i FEEL so much better. :)

if you critics really hate skinny people so much, why not go on a strike to stop skinny models from modelling clothes for top designers on fashion runways?

honestly speaking, NO ONE CARES.

you know why?

well, if there are so many people who hates skinny people, why are there still so many people wanting to be thin? why are there still bulimia and aneroxic cases? you tell me, smartarses.

all you critics do is just criticizing, criticizing and criticizing yet, you don't dare to show your face out.

there's just one word to describe them:

pathetic. :)

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