Monday, October 05, 2009

happy sweet 16, MT.

i would like to wish...


happy sweet sixteenth Yii Mei Thing aka Lollipop aka Ciri-ciri tomato!

i have a million things to describe about this girl here. hmm, since its her birthday, i will not say mean things. instead i will treat her like a princess for TODAY only and then after 12 AM, BWAHAHAHA!

tomorrow is war ;)

we started off as people who don't know each other well. sort of like acquaintances. then we were sort of forced to sit with one another since Miss Ong insisted that we should not sit with people who were our classmates last year.

at first, i was pretty scared with her attidude cause she was scary, mean and bitchy. we did talk a few times but it was always her who started the talking, never me. i was scared that i might say something wrong and offend her. then she would start to have her bitch-fit again!

as the months passed by, i realised that she wasn't like all of the above that i had describe about her before. she is very nice, sweet(at times) and caring. :) BUT SHE'S still a bitch when her mood's bad.

hitting you, calling you a bimbo which you insisted you are not, heart to heart talks, molesting one another, shopping, gossiping, trying to offend one another in a kiddish much more that we had done together!

hmm..let me recall some of our conversations:

meithing: lilian~ *wiggles her eyebrow*
me: yes?
meithing: do you love me?
me: no
meithing: oh yes, i know you do *wiggles more*
me: noooooooo *pushes her face away from mine*

AND today..

meithing: you like more than a friend?
me: of course not!
meithing: dont lie, *stares right into my eyes* do you like me?
me: *turns away shyly* no...
meithing: is that why you have been acting funny in front of me?
meithing: *starts telling Sabena and Sandy about it*

see how crazy she is?

eventhough we had lots of small fights, shouting to one another, making one another sad and all...

still, i'm glad that i chose her as my seatmate. :)

oddly, seatmates can turn out as hi-bye friends, friends, good friends and in the end close friends. just like how we are now.

i love this annoying, bitchy, bimbotic, gorgeous, not-fat-who always-calls-herself-fat-lollipop face MEITHING!

i just want to say something to you,

i know you only think that its just another day, but dont forget, we must live life to the fullest and live life with no regrets so don't just treat it as another day, treat it as your favourite day and be all smiles! :)

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