Friday, September 18, 2009

you are just being biased, dear.

you know what's weird about human beings?

ugly people calling people ugly.
fat people calling people fat.
skinny people calling people skinny.
weird people calling people weird.
annoying people calling people annoying.
people who have a lousy fashion sense commenting on people having a lousy fashion sense.
people who can't control their own lives trying to control other people's lives.
lame people calling people lame.
bimbotic people calling people bimbotic.
dark people calling people dark.
shit people calling people shit.
bitchy people calling people bitchy.
dumb people calling people dumb.
people who victimized themselves hating people who victimize themselves.
act-cool people calling people act-cool.
gay people calling people gay.
making fun of people's parents when their own parents deserved to be made fun of.
people who have done surgery making fun of people who did surgery.
people who can't blog with proper english making fun of people who can't blog with proper english.
people who have a boring blog making fun of people who have a boring blog.
shitty couples calling other couples shitty.
shitty boyfriend/girlfriend who broke his/her partner's heart dare to question the flaws found in his/her friends.
people who wants to die because of just a teeny matter.
people who can't cook making fun of people who can't cook.
people who are wannabes calling people wannabes.
people who type this "you treat me nice, i treat you nice and if you treat me mean i treat you mean" in their blogs and yet, they ignore this rule.
people who make fun of people doing a certain type of job yet they can't even do it themselves.
smelly people calling people smelly.
short people calling people short.
act-cute people calling people act-cute.
nerds calling one another nerds.
spammers spamming people's blog and yet they hate spammers.
if girls are too pretty, they get called whores/sluts.

in conclusion, humans are just so biased :)


my mouse is currently malfunctioning and you definitely can't play sims 3 without a mouse! tell me, how are you going to zoom into the simmies face or scroll from here and there? T_T

first i have no internet, now no sims 3. what could be worse? :(

on a brighter note, i get to update my blog everyday so be happy >:)

oh, and if you're wondering how i get to use the internet without a mouse, think again.



she loves to flirt


you better be, or later i slap you until your lips gone ah!

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