Saturday, September 19, 2009

penguin mousey, me love!

adorable or not? :P

its my new penguin mouse!

hehehe, i know the colour of my penguin mousey clash with my pink vaio. sadly, there isn't a pink penguin mouse.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH BECAUSE ITS SO GORGEOUS ON THE OUTSIDE! however, compared to my old pink mouse, this one sucked a lot more.

this one doesnt have an elastic wire which you can pull to your desired length so it kind of gets a little messy and its clicking sound is annoying and loud! well, what can you expect from a $9 mousey?

but its okay, it looks cute from the outside.

i desperately wanted to buy the mickey mouse MOUSE! its so beautiful! its red and black and looked so classic! when there's mickey, there's MINNIE! the minnie mouse one was pink and look so matching with my pink vaio can? :D

but it costs........$23 T_T

i felt a little hard hearted to buy it so *poof* gone. hopefully, i will save up some cash and buy it again next time.

so what do you say?

keep this penguin mouse or buy the pink minnie mouse?

here's some pictures of the minnie mouse! they're not the exact one i saw in the store though.

i knew there will be a mouse that looks like this one day! HAHA! looks nice and pink but minnie looks creepy here :S

AHH! this one looks so much cuter and nicer than the above, dont you think?

i never knew computer mouses can come in such variety of shapes, sizes and colours :) *fascinated*

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