Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lying on the green grass

tomorrow, i will be going to Kuala Belalong Field Studies Centre for 4 days and 3 nights!

eventhough its an educational trip, i'm still excited for it! but i hope it won't be boring like the itinerary (heh heh heh mean i know) :p

i'm in a really big dilemma now. Mrs Lorene said we should all wear long jeans and tees but i have very little tees! i usually have more of tanks and dresses or dazzling tops which is definitely not suitable for the trip T_T

i have long jeans but have i ever mention how i hate wearing long jeans? i prefer wearing shorts because they're more comfy - weird right? shorts are supposed to make you feel insecure cause you are showing your pins out. however i just feel more "me" when i wear it.

i feel happy now because the growing pimple beside my nose seem to have decrease in size! *jumps* i was so worried it will grow on the day itself. beat fire with fire! stress creates more pimples so be less stress to stop the baby pimples from becoming adults! >:)

okay. i think i'm really weird and lame now.

currently, i'm in the midst of packing so i hope i won't forget any important stuffs. oh yeah~ i will be wearing some worn-out made from china shoes for trekking because i did not have the time to buy new sneakers..

unless...i steal my brother's converse shoes! bwahaha! but it looks too dressy. nah~definitely not an option.

i better stop typing so much and continue on with packing my stuffs! till here then!

miss me, friends =) *pointing to Sandy*


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