Friday, September 11, 2009

its avatar, baby.

some meanie tagged that my blog is boring! wonder who was that?

i think its the girl who screamed so LOUD in the cinema that blasted my poor ears! "Where got ghost?" wasnt even that SCARY although i did make some gasping sounds at some parts of the movie.

i love the feeling of watching ghost movies in the cinema! it gives out a creepy yet, exciting feeling! doesnt it? :D

weird enough, i found the trailer of "Avatar" creepy when its not even a movie containing creepy crawlies or ghosts. there's just something scary about the blue skin and the yellowish cat eyes. (i still love cats ok) i can't wait to watch it! it struck me once i saw "director of titanic"

yesterday was a fun-filled day! i went bowling with Mar,Mich and Jay and then at night, i headed on to watch a ghost movie with Sandy and the rest. bowling was SUPER FUN!

will blog about it in the upcoming post after i get the pictures from Mich.

it was SUPPOSED to be fun until halfway throughout the movie, i realized i left my specs in Michee's house. THAT totally dulled my mood throughtout the movie. i wasnt even concentrating on the movie.

can you imagine how hard it is without your spectacle especially when you have such blurry vision? to make matters worse, i dont even have a spare spectacle! well, i do have ONE but its handle is BROKEN plus, the glass is badly scratched!

i had to use that the whole day :( it was suffocating. i cant even do anything much today so i spent the whole day moping on my bed. a lesson learnt, never be so forgetful.

i love my specs :') and i'm wearing it now :p

webcam pictures, taken with my cuzzy

want some new poses? (Well, not CONSIDERED new, but they have fresh names)

all teeth!

the bunny has two guns!


the paw of a puppy pose

alien aka avatar

"the un-named"

my used-to-be fave pose HAHAHAHA CHECK OUT MY COUSIN! she looks so crazy here!

bunny gone mad

in the blur world

the awakening

the happy world

oops, i made a boo-boo

the BEST pose ever. watch and learn!

random pictures coming up..

i look so cool here *put on shades*
guess where is this? CMON! answer me :D

my breadou, used to be so cute but now...its cute little red pimples are gone T_T

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