Monday, September 28, 2009

i'm so Forever 21.

i feel really stressed out now. :(

and i think i'm going to be even more stress by the end of october because end of year exams is coming and at the time it is going on, my piano exams will be held! T_T

just thinking about it drives me insane! all i can do now is to play computer less (which is gonna be so difficult) , study hard and play my songs well.

but even if i can play the songs well, the thought of going into the exam room seeing the teacher freaks me out! it makes me shiver and my palms sweaty so when i play, i will shiver like crazy and that makes me press on the wrong key :(


i hate practical exams!

anyway, halfway during my piano lesson, there was a blackout in the whole of Gadong area. fyi, my piano school is located somewhere there. it makes me wonder how would people react in the midst of the blackout especially out in public? just imagine:

1) you are in a dressing room wearing a clothing that looks really nice on you and suddenly, there was a blackout. what would you do?

will you just be polite and ask the lady what's happening OR walk away with the dress secretly?

same goes for grocery shopping! HAHA! i had this thought when i walked past a kiosk displaying a wide range of headbands. :P but hey, never thought of stealing it okay! i have never steal anything before i think...! however i remembered taking one extra sweet in the canteen when the uncle wasnt looking *guilty* okay. so that IS stealing!

ARGH. i regretted it so much right now. i was small and playful that time wah. but sometimes they take my cents and forget to return to me (or was it on purpose) so just treat that as a repayment then. :)

i probably won't update that often because of my piano practicals. the thought of my piano exams freaks me out more than anything!

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