Saturday, September 26, 2009

am i really that old? =(

usually when i go to people's house for hari raya, they would always give me green packets! how come this year i didn't even get ANY?

i went hari raya-ing with my family today happily thinking that i would get some green packets but to my dismay, i didnt get any :(

not just one house, but TWO HOUSES and they only give my brothers but not me!

it was even embarassing at the other house because her pretty daughter actually wanted to give me a green packet but gave wrongly instead! its actually for my little brother! grrrrr~

the pretty girl: excuse me~
me: *slowly and happily reached out my hands*
the mother: eh! bukan tu! its for the boy!
me: *-_-*

OMG! SO FREAKING EMBARASSING! YIKES! i think her daughters were laughing over it in the kitchen.

so i asked my mum why and she said its because "i am old"

i can't stand it! i hate being old! i'm only sixteen and i'm definitely not married! *sobs*

if its the first time i have been misunderstood being old, i would be okay with that, but this isnt the first time!

i remember vividly that in form one, a girl asked me this:

"wow! i cannot believe you are in form one! you look like you're suppose to be in form 3!"

so when i was 13 , i'm actually supposed to be 15! so now that i'm 16, i will look like an 18 year old girl. legal! i guess i can just go to any store and buy some cigarette packet and noone will ever suspect me. or maybe i can buy some *coughs* du~~~~~rex?


and that's not just all! i went to ydm for the first time last year and there's this indian girl who could not believe that i'm in form three. she thought i was form 6 instead!

WTF! so old okay! :(

so people, could you kindly please tell me how old do you think i really am when you see me for the first time?

why can't people replace the word "old" with "mature"? it sounds so much nicer that way.

anyway, picture of the day!


even a little angmo boy can look so hunky!

credits to mich!

on the brighter side, i bought stuffs that i "LOVE" today! especially the "meow meow" tanktop! :D eeeeee! and shoes too! shopping makes me so happy but being old makes me moody!

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