Monday, August 03, 2009

yo, i'm fragile k

to those who have been stalking me on twitter, they should probably know that i tweet that i broke something made out of glass in the supermarket.

T_T hell, it was super embarassing!

it was a bottle of tomato sauce that i broke! i bet most of you must be like, "chey!" but seriously, for a shy person like me, that kind of situation was sooooooo scary like shit!

my big fat bag just swished across the bottle of tomato sauce and the next second, i heard a loud crashing sound. :(

it happened at the counter again! @#$%! ALMOST everyone was staring at that very moment right after i dropped it. it seemed so awkward! even the cashiers stop doing their duty and took a look at the commotion.

it was so quiet and noone said anything. i really wanted to just literally melt at that very moment. T_T i was super panicked and did not know what to do. in the end, i just overcome my fear and went over to the nearest counter and paid for what i had broke.

luckily, my parents didnt find out or they will surely give me a long lecture. (in the end, they still find it out anyway)

oh, another good news, it costed me only $1.25 :)

its the first time i broke something made from glass in the supermarket/shopping mall and i hope it would be the last! :(


this morning, i feel ULTRA-SKINNY. i feel like my bones were about to break and i couldn't sit up straight. i think i have a "fragile" note stuck on me somewhere in my body. ( I FEEL SO LAME)

but it felt better after Sabena, my darling *bat eyelids* massaged me. be jealous XP

oh ya, talking about skinny, D.T made fun of me yesterday, so ouch i know

Szekhai: lilian very fat ah!
Darren: *starts laughing* if lilian fat, i kill myself! (wo zhi sha)

it sounded more funnier in chinese xD

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