Thursday, August 06, 2009



if i found out who the spammers were in my bs, i would seriously fecking kill them with my bare hands.

at first, i could just let this matter run. its okay. just ban and delete and all.

but really, why are you spammers so jobless? WHY? tell me?

does it make you feel good to just spam people's tagboard and be so kepo? you know what this is called?

its called pathetic.

that's what you people are. you guys have no better lives and it makes you feel like you actually have a life when you spam.

to the s in my blog: how does it feel to be ban? happy? spam again. i will ban again. play with me. i will play with you.

i can always make my blog private for you *bat eyelids*


i can either delete my tagboard for you ;)

OR EITHER I can call you, E? that's right? which one are you? S or E? hum?

two different personalities, same i.p. address. what do you think i am? dumb? hello, i can track ur bloody ip address.

oh, what else can i continue? how about the billisfish or whatsoever in my bs?

89 kg?

who are you kidding me?

you are like HUGE. and you think its cool to call me uber skinny? oh, please. dont be sad cos you're way fatter than a skinny girl like me. ;)


karma will get back at you. ;)

wish you good luck, safe journey.

i hope when you eat, you get choked and when you walk, you fall and DIE. or get paralysed or something.

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