Sunday, August 16, 2009

older posts

omg. i could just die reading my older blog. yes people, i have an older blog. 0:)

i will never ever tell you guys the link. fyi, the link is definitely hard to remember :D so dont bother searching for it. i even had a hard time remembering it.

reading it brings back memories :D ahhhh~

vincent, if you're reading this, most of my blogposts were about you o.O and rachel! HAHAHA! well, i miss form 1 life.

here are a few phrases that i extracted from my older blog's post that i find funny.

PLEASE DO excuse the english. afterall, i was only 13.

Miss Tay gave us sum hard quess...test she claims it, mor like deathness test..i had no choice but do the tricky stuff, borrow Sakai;s paperr..he asked me to promise nvr to kacau Vinvin 1314,,AS IF!!!!!! I wana kacau him 1314 larr!

i have no idea about this! GOSH! i dont even recall szekhai saying this :p

I borrow money frm ppl who tends to forget easily, me? Jahat? Nah--veri kuai wan-haha!

(A) i was that bad when i was young and still am i guess. if noone asked me to return the $$, i wont return.

Poor Maria, she stood in the rain for him, but he din evn play--Standing in the rain♥


Italy won world cup! Muaks! YESH! Yes!! Im heppi at least but i lose sum money, shyit!

URGH! I REMEMBER THIS SO VIVIDLY. everyone betted that france would win but i, on the other hand assumed that Italy would win. but after seeing so many people betting on france, i decided to just take the risk. :(

so many memories :) i'm so glad i didnt delete my older blog. this is why having a blog is good. you get to re-read what happened to you last time and rekindle some memories.

i will prolly go on hiatus soon. maybe now? but i dont feel like :( i still wanna play sims 3! my character's dad is old. i feel so sorry for him. he's gonna pass away soon. r.i.p Ande Anastase.

my simmies' names are always special. *wink*

yummy pretty cupcake :)

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