Friday, August 07, 2009

lots of events

these few days have been hectic for me. i had physics practical,

AND i finished the graph in time ^^Y but i'm 99% confirm its wrong.

i also went out yesterday with my 4s2 friends! ALL of them :D i am so proud of myself cause i went out with them without any of my 3Y friends(Vincent went home early, not counted)! most of them are from 3R!

i had fun because it was my first time out at night with my friends! notice the keyword "friends". it doesnt mean i dont go out at night with my family k.

meithing made fun of me when i told her "i ever go out with my friends at night but their parents came along"

she's such a meanie!

initially, it was supposed to be from 6-9pm but then they wanted to watch a movie so after sending a few begging messages to my dad, he agreed to pick me up at 11.30pm! we watched

the proposal!

it was funny and refreshing. :) Baewei is getting hornier nowadays! there was this scene where the woman was naked and BW kept on asking me questions non-stop!

me: eh, sandy, i think she really didnt wear anything, she used her hair to cover her boobs!
baewei: *from the side* what did you say?
me: nothing lah!
baewei: HUH, quick, what? what is it?


nyeh, normal pose

this is so much better! hao en ai awww!

ps: excuse the blur nasty pics

she kept on molesting me that night!


this was taken outside the mall

this afternoon, i went to attend Miss Lorene's wedding held in SAS church. She looked so beautiful today :D (well, not saying she wasn't before) and the groom of course looked, handsome. *wriggle eyebrows*

it reminded me a bit of Sims 3:

HAHA, doesnt it?

jaywen! cheer up, k! :D

group photo

even cam pictures looked so low quality! T_T

eeyer, i really do look like ah moo leh!

Susan looked so feminine today!

taking pictures with the bride and the groom!

LOOK! I MANAGED to capture a picture of Mrs Chin looking into my mum's camera!

i got this from Mark's facebook, credits to him for taking this picture!

it looks nice :)

i havent even posted up the pics taken in Vanesa's advance bday party. oh well, will do it next time. ALSO, the webcam pictures!

WILL DO IT. probably. tomorrow ;)

im sure im sure tomorrow i will be questioned and a lampo will be shined onto me! heheheh relax yeah, i will explain.

my mum seems to...not talk to me much like she used to....

feeling so upset..someone i care about so much...

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