Sunday, August 09, 2009

it aint my fault you know, bitch.

i'm just gonna blog whatever's on my mind now.

HAVE you guys seen the G.I JOE poster hanging on the rails of the 3rd floor in the mall?

one word:

fecking HAWT.

okay. make that two.

can i be mean and just say, FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0:)

i know there's no difference between fecking and fucking but fecking just sounds a whole lot nicer than fucking. and fcking sounds more hotter than fecking.

okay. ew. im getting nasty. HAHAHA.

btw, that isnt the actual poster i have seen. :(( the one i saw was damn hot! just go have a look at it in the mall.

the brunette girl(that looks like a librarian) looks wickedly awesome too!

i watched "Wanted" yesterday and i think

James Mcavoy is cute :D

i dont know what makes him cute..

is it that

1) blue eyes of his?

2) his shaggy appearance?


because he starred as Mr Thumnus the half-man half horse(however you spell it) in Narnia?

hmm..i dont know why.

he just got this little something something of his that makes him adorable!

oh, and Angelina Jolie was super hot in that movie! before that, i have never even find her hot! i think that her lips were botox-material but after watching that movie...

what can i say? no wonder most of the guys are gaga-ing over her.

and you know what, i searched for "Wanted" in the google image search and a lot of Angelina Jolie's naked pictures in one of the scenes came out. -_-

okay, back to the topic, Angelina Jolie should star in more action movies! she suits that so much altho the movie was veryyyyyyyyy funny and not action-y enough. HAHAHA! i kept on laughing at most of the parts cos the bad guys didnt have much bad-guy material in them.

especially the last part in wanted, where the "Sloan" was shot! HAHAHA! OMG! THAT WAS PRICELESS

something like this expression


you gotta watch that part, if you dont laugh, well then YOU have a lousy sense of humor! boo you!

and also, i wonder why mostly in the movies, the baddies seem to look hot?

before i end this post,

i want to introduce this fav blogger of mine at the moment,

i love her posts! they are so awesome! she dares to voice out her opinions, and is soooooooooo bitchy!

plus, some of her posts make sense you know. there are some stuffs i ALWAYS wanted to blog about but dont dare because i fear people might get pissed...

well, you guys should just read her "100 things i dont get" post in her blog. you guys then should know what i mean. (like sriously people, some of you need BRAINS and stop whining)

i dont know about her, but she has everything that i love to read about. she mixes in anything and can make almost everypost so interesting. a little celeb, humor, bitchyness,bimboness, randomness~


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