Sunday, August 23, 2009

hey beach

i wonder if i did anything mean to spiders. i see them like everywhere now, SERIOUSLY! O_o

first at sungai liang beach,then at seri kenangan, moving on to Jerudong beach and the last one IS DEFINITELY not concidental. as i was about to exit my kitchen door, this puny spider suddenly jumps out of nowhere in front of me!

i dont recall killing any spiders recently :/

HAHAHA anyway

do you know mickey mouse is pronounce as "meeci miau miau hoo" in chinese? cute aint it?

i want a meeci miau miau hoo wa wa!

SAY IT >:)

as mentioned above, i went to a total of three beaches today with my family! :D i had so much fun just taking pictures, looking up the sky and sun-tanning myself.

now, that's LIFE.

forgive me because i am suppose to be revising POA but heh, just this one last entry and i will be on hiatus until exams are over 0:)

oh yeah, if you guys want to get a DSLR-effect picture with a camera, take pictures outside the hot sun using FLASH.

i am not kidding, cos everytime i take pictures under the sun, it will look SO DSLR-ish. (maybe not so for your camera)

PLEASE. i know that above picture doesnt look DSLR ish because BLOGGER MAKES PICTURES LOOK SO pixelated. and i can see that they haven't fix this problem yet.

that's why the beach pictures will look so :( yuck when its actually SO GORGEOUS!

double click on the pics to see it in a clearer view if you dont believe what i have said above!

my fav picture atm

my lashies actually look very nice here B)

he looks fat here

this picture was actually so NICE, but look what blogger had done! nevermind, at least the blue sky looks unpixelated.

nice right the pic i took for my bro? :D

another nice pic i took for my bro

BTW, i have always imagined taking pictures of a model wearing a gorgeous cream coloured wedding dress, mesh headband on her hair, pearl earrings and sporting gothic makeup!

and posing in front of the ROCKS, just like the above the picture! WONT IT LOOK SO AWESOME?

if you think that's ugly, then *coughs* you seriously have no creativity cause i believe this idea is really awesome.

seri kenangan beach is pretty too


HAHAHA this pic is hilarious

it was scary climbing up you call this..HOUSE thingy

he will hate me for posting this picture up..BWAHAHAHAAHAH!

and if you guys want to see even better quality pictures, go to this link :) i dont know if you can view the pics cause my fb profile is private


and note this, i only post pictures that i really really like in facebook. my blog is one of the important things in my life, so i definitely will be posting up pictures here most of the time.

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