Saturday, August 22, 2009



guess where am i now? :D

in miri using BROADBAND! BWAHAHAHAAHAHA! im so happy now! and nope, it isnt Brunei's DST broadband, its celcom broadband and its DEFINITELY a million times better than DST's one so far!

it only cost like RM6 for 24 hours connection to the internet! LIKE OMG CAN?

that's like only BND3! its still going good, but its the beginning, who knows right?
that's what i thought about the DST broadband at first, but slowly, it began to sucked.

maybe mine sucked and other dont.

but the important thing is, im using my laptop happily now going online browsing blogshops without having to worry the megabyte will rise :D


i'm actually suppose to be studying now, but heh, wouldnt hurt to go online for a while yeah 0:)

i'm currently very very into ribboned flats..THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

gorgeous *shrieks*

actually, they're called double/triple bow flats but i rather call them ribboned flats. they sound nice that way.

AINT THEY PRETTY *shimmer shimmer* HAHAHA. mind you, i dont usually use that

they are from topshop and they cost *gulp* 56 buckeroos! T_T

my hopes are crushed!

what's even worse is i saw a similar one selling in Miri except its in HEELS! and its like three to four inches high! WTH! imagine wearing that to go shopping!

i really hope that i can find it one day or maybe i'll just order it from a blogshop or maybe Topshop? if my mum lets me :)

AND also, i'm gonna save money to buy a hello kitty bag or a light pink patent bag! have no idea why i'm suddenly wanting this stuffs.

i love being a girl! :D

females have lots of advantages, they get to wear MALE clothes and be fashionable for it whilst if males wear FEMALE clothes, everyone will start to call them "GAY"

SEE! BE JEALOUS cause we females are AWESOME!

again, i ain't happy about some stuffs us females have to suffer :(

i painted this, nice? :p

and introducing my current fav blogshop

the clothes are SO AWESOME :D

ps: i havent bought anything from them yet, HAHA
p/ps: i actually hated those ribboned flats before :P

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