Sunday, July 05, 2009

sims 3

if you guys have been checking on my twitter, you should have known by now that i've got the sims 3 pc cd! ;)

its the BOMB!

i have so many words to describe about it. first of all, the steps on how to install it is damn easy, it just needs a few steps and pronto, its done! :D i practically screamed when i saw a black screen, which means sims 3 is launching!

its quite the same as sims 2 actually, nothing much different. they eat the same way, talk gibberish as usual,have the same social interactions but there was a few things that made me like sims 3.

1) you can actually travel from one place to another providing if you have a bicycle/car

*coughs* i *coughs* have both the bicycle and the car ;)

nice pink car ey? costs my sim 85000 bucks yo!

but its like $1 to me because i used cheats. HAHAH! sorry, i just cannot bother to go to work everyday and keep my mood meter high when i have better things to do(like flirt with my sims boyfriend Mr Mcgraw)!

btw, its the same money cheat = motherlode = 50000 simeleons

2) the people look a LOT more realistic

check out the aviator! i'm sure someone will like this. LOL.

oh! and the sizes of the body are adjustable *YES* now i can create a cute chubby kid! HAHAHA! or a big sized lady! muahahaha!

*sorry, no pictures, kind of mean to do that*

in sims 2, man, if you want your sims to be large, only their tummy part appears to be bulging that's all. boring~

3) there are a wide range of traits for your sims to choose from such as, loner, evil, good-natured, good kisser(woo woo!),lucky,neutrotic and etc.

4) the clothes are customized

YES! you can select the style for your clothing! pattern or colour, you name it! best part is, you don't have to go to the stores to buy new clothes or waste money on them! instead, you can just choose from your dresser and click on "plan outfit" COOL MAN!

ALMOST everything is customized! eye colour,furniture,car, hair,(so you want pink hair? you got it!) etc.

every game has its advantages and disadvantages.

the bad thing about sims 3 is:

1) there isn't much hairstyle to choose from compared to sims 2. :( i think i'm gonna download the stuffs online. i know has new sims 3 stuffs! ^^

2) its annoying when the help window keep on appearing all of a sudden.

love you sims 3 creators out there! *muah* *muah* such brillilant people! animation is kind of cool, i actually have an intention to work in an animation industry. who knows right? all you need is practice, practice and practice!

but what some people said online is right, if practice makes perfect, and noone is perfect in the world, why practice?

makes sense. hmmm..the choice lies in our hands >:)

guys, sims 3 *thumbs up* is an awesome game! (for now) i may get bored with it soon.

you know lah, first time play mah, for sure after a while will bored bored mah <--not to worry, i will TRY not to use lahs or mahs that much in my sentences.

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