Thursday, July 02, 2009

i'm officially sixteen, baby!

H'LO people!

today is the day i turned sixteen! suweeeeeeeet xD

actually, there's not much difference, its just another day afterall....NOT!

i feel very happy today and i am still feeling the same because.....i am now drinking soya bean (L) while typing this with three of my plushie toys lying beside me. 0:)

here's a pic of my plushies!

pooh-pooh,monkey, and sugar lav!

i really want to change monkey's name. i wonder if its really a monkey. it looks more like a mouse to me! i think i will change its name to.......Momo? or maybe mo jo jo jo! >B) sounds cute!

anyway, i hung out with MMJ today. here are the pictures! what's a hang out without taking pictures?


me and J's favourite pose, no doubt! altho it makes my nose looks ultra bigZzzz.

LOL! Mich's dish is at the very bottom. Maria called her cheapskate after seeing it.



damn, i can't even see my eyeballs here! -_- but at least i looked happy!

WOOOooots! Mar mar in a kimono!

my fav pose at the moment:

the star wars TREK(oopsie :X) pose yo!

ain't we cool?

yeah, we are~

one of my birthday wish is to hope that J.A can reply my comment :((((

you are not suppose to say your wishes out if you want them to come true but i doubt this will come true. :/ still, it won't hurt to wish. *dreams*

i will post up the camera pictures maybe.........NEXT TIME. i have to resize a LOT of pictures and that will take up a lot of time. i will do it when i'm feeling bored k!

LASTLY, how could i not thank everyone who wished me happy birthday?

btw, thankyou for the presents people, but i'm more happier when MOST of you came to the party. :)

and HAHAHA do i stink that badly eh? cos most of you gave me perfumes! HAHA JKJK!

THANK YOU THANK YOU for those who wished me via smses, calls(jay :D),facebook & blog! a very big thank you! take a bow, people!

i feel very happy when i read each and every of your messages. that really brightened up my day! a million thankyou won't say how appreciated i feel now!

SO...............a single thankyou will do!


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