Monday, July 13, 2009


hello franzZZ *wink*

guess where the word originated from?

it all started when Sabena was complaining about a radio DJ pronouncing the word "france" wrongly. normally, we call it - FRANCE (FRONT with a S)

but the DJ say it "Franz" so in the midst of talking about it,

Sabena: i'm so annoyed of that DJ saying Franz when its supposed to be France =_=
me: yeah, isnt it france instead of franz?

Vincent: we are franszzz!

he said it out all of a sudden! LOL! well, its hilarious for me, Sab and Vincent. its an inside joke between us three ;)

you know if you chat to Vincent, he likes to use those short form words which he probably invented himself such as

olady - already
lh - lah
skol(this is the best) - school
dun - dont

because of Vincent pronoucing friends as franz, me and Sabena started torturing him with his own short form words! HAHA! it was damn fun!

this is especially for Vincent:-

"hello Vin franz! you going skol tomolo? must go lh, later teacher scold(vincent, you should use "skol" for this) dun go for sure will get scolded lh. u finish doing ur hw olady?"

fyi, this is exactly how he chats in msn.

i went Miri again yesterday and came back today feeling healthy :D i was so worried that i will get sick ever since i fell down in my parents' room last Wednesday. it was a horrible experience that i never ever want to experience again.

i slipped and banged my head hard on the floor. i think the force was too hard and it made me unaware of what i was doing before i fell. i actually had experience amnesia for a few minutes! :O
it was dead scary and i never want to experience that again. not remembering what you had just did is so scary :S

a little birdie(more like three) said that my blog is boring. *pouts* they said i write a lot of rubbish in my blog. *ouch* right?

HMPH. :P i want to pian pian write rubbish for you trios to see, cannot meh?

check out the slippers! cute aint they? it also have long tails sticking out behind!

look sabbie! i'm wearing your pretty bracelet!


my all time favourite biscuits. i have never tasted anything so delicious before! i ate one whole packet in merely less than an hour! the cocoa coating, the crispiness of the biscuit is LOVE.

anyway, i just finished watching P.S i love you in starmovies and its now 12AM already and oh, did you know that today i have school(in about? *groans*

bah, i'm off to sleep now. about the new skin..*urm* i have nothing much to say about it. not that satisfied but am okay with it, i guess.

about P.S i love you, one thing to note: i did not even shed a tear. :(

well, the so-called very touching movie obviously did not work on me. hey! not that i'm mean not to cry but it just wasn't very sad. its good but its not sad. its more of a funny movie actually.

till here then! bye!

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