Friday, July 17, 2009

heart shaped shades is my new lover!

the urge is getting stronger...

yes, the urge of wanting to buy something so badly.....

the urge of looking thru endless blogshops..

everyday i have been window-blogshopping(well, not exactly, was doing something else far more important ;D)

and i have seen numerous items that i want so badly! especially the clothes from livejournal! they loooooook so hot and chic! apart from the clothes, i love the photography the most!

i like the background, models, clothes, poses etc!

although some...are kind of nasty. feel like bitching about it but its better not to :)

everytime i'm in the car, i would always look out of the window and stare at the sky. i love how the sky always looks so blue and sunny. i like sunshine a lot because it makes me happier but at times when its too hot, i will hate the sun because i get pissy when i'm sweating.

thinking about how beautiful the sky is really makes me want a DSLR very very badly. i can picture myself walking around the whole of Brunei taking pictures every now and then. my ideal place to take pictures in is Jerudong Beach!


i can't wait to have a DSLR but not now, its just not the time to have it yet. :)

anyway, back to window-shopping! since i have window-blogshopped a lot, i found a few items that i'm very interested in, but not at all obsessed with.


i don't even know how i'd like it. i recalled seeing it a few months back but didn't think it was anything special until now. it would be cool to own it! B)

mandarin collared blouse!

lately, i'm loving clothes with lots of lace, frills and collars. no idea why :/ but you gotta admit, mandarin collared blouses are HOT!

i know the blouse above in the pic looks very old. that's not my ideal blouse. the one i want has to be sleeveless! :D


and i can't believe i'm gonna say this.

but i am actually. liking.

the boyfriend shirt.

i used to hate this one SO MUCH. i even wrote it in my previous posts.

is this what people meant by hate = love? just like in the movies, how a boy and a girl always fight with one another and ended up falling in love?


hmmmm, i wouldn't mind owning any of the above items, including the plaid shirt. :)

lately, i have been a little sad(if you guys can see from my twitter) i know i have been scolding a lot of vulgar words in my twitter but its because i am really mad. there are times when you just want to vent out all your feelings, right?

i'm not the goodie type of girl alright? let me admit it, i'm not very friendly either. i don't look at people and smile unless they smile at me. instead i will just give them "the look".

but i can be friendly if i want to. IT ALL depends on my mood. its impossible to smile so happily when inside you just feel so downright sad. we all have problems we don't tell one another and it hurts knowing when you're so sad about something big and then someone else on the other hand gets mad over small stuffs.

everybody knows what kind of problems are big or not. i'm not gonna admit my problem is big but i feel that its big. lately, its settled but i'm not sure when its gonna start again. i feel very mad when i tell people about my problems and they go,

"Oh,cheh, its normal"

do you know how mean that was? and when that particular person tells me his/her problem, its some fricking small shit that i dont know wth she/he gets mad for that.

we will never understand other people's problems until we experience it ourselves. then when you experience it, you will know how exactly BIG it is.

anyway, something that used to be part of my life is GONE.

every add.maths student can't live without it. and yes, calculator's the answer!


MY BABY IS GONE! well, not literally. its GONE but its not lost. i recalled leaving it in the staffroom(affirmative) except i don't remember where i left it. is it at the table where all the teachers was sitting at or the couch?!?

imagine if i lost it? yes, i could buy another one but this calculator has sentimental value okay! i owned it for like 3 years plus already you know! O.O its like a lover to me already!

I JUST hope its still in the teacher's staffroom. i reallly hope noone has took it. who knows right? economy is bad okay, somebody might just want my old calculator and sneak it back home. *suspecting some of the teachers*


i find today's post really weird. i have a whole lot of different topics jumbled together and its so messy and unplanned.

nvm, at least i did update. :D

ps: i still LOVE bows.

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