Tuesday, July 28, 2009

heart shaped bag is fecking hot yaw!

in twitter, i said i won't be going online in MSN but never said that i won't blog. heh. just in case you peeps wanna know or wonder why i am NEVER online in MSN, its because i'm appearing offline most of the time.

so if there's anything realllllly important, leave me an offline message. the only reason i go online at times is to relief some boredom. that's all. :)

besides, i don't like to chat to certain people who would automatically chat to me. they would ask me really boring stuffs like,

"whassup, how's your life?"
"me too"

and..........what else is there to continue?

be creative, dear :)

the main reason i wanna blog today is because i want to express out how im currently in love with this particular bag!


The oversized patent heart shaped bag! (L)

it looks so smexy, gorgeous and bewitching! i used to see this in magazines a LOT, but never find them anything special until now.

SO PEOPLE, if someone doesn't like you back, give them some time to consider. who knows right? it will just end up like how i love this patent heart shaped bag so much!

actually, the one i wanted isn't quilted like the pic above. its smooth and shiny. hopefully. but i dont mind having the quilted heart shaped bag since it looks so much like those Chanel handbags.



but she forgot where she put it *shrugs*

back to the topic,

DO you think in Brunei they sell those kind of bags??!?

if they don't sell, i have two options.


a) i look for it online(so troublesome)


b) i email a pic of it to my auntie in KL and ask her to help me find :)

okay. option B that is. after she finds it, she can mail it to me! trustable and safe!

something i'm obsessed about other than bows ^^

anyway, i have mentioned how much i like to stare at the sky for long periods of time right? i do not take pictures of them, heh, but if i have a DSLR, that will change. ;)

i like the sky

one of my favorite picture

i dont really like it when the wind blows in my direction because it messes my hair up. oddly, i seem to like it now.

i know most of the pics you can see my nose holes, BUT LOL! WELL,

everyone have NOSE HOLES LIKE D-UH! it will ONLY look nice if its poo and hair-free!

ps: im sure after i mentioned this, most of you will take a more obvious look at it.


my bro is posing like a model (wannabe) and all i could do was a kuku pose. -_-

mandaric collared blouse :) liked it, but didnt buy it.

okay, till here,

bye and this post is for you, meithing, because you LOVE to read my blog SO much. *can i hear an awwwwwwwwwww?*

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