Sunday, July 19, 2009

gladiator heels, me lovey.

i will never watch romantic movies with my dad again. -_-

WELL, you can say that he sort of destroyed my sad mood.

there was this part in titanic where Jack and Rose were separated and then in the background you can hear the song "My heart will go on" was a sad moment indeed but i didn't cry. i just went "awww" then my dad suddenly shouted out "AIYAH! why the girl so stupid ah? its all her fault lah! that's why the guy died!"


when jack sank into the ocean, my tears were streaming down and yep, my dad shouted and explained how the girl could have saved him if she hadn't left the boat.


the most un-romantic thing ever my dad did was:

right after the movie ended and the credits were playing, he switched to the sports channel. OMG. how un-romantic can? bleh. i don't blame him. ITS JUST HIM.

ANYWAY, i went out with my mummy and my little brother today! i had fun :)

i roamed around mall alone while waiting for my mum to do her hair. i wanted to go into RockPaperScissors SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY to buy the heart shaped shades but i just dont have the bravery to go inside cos there were two guys inside the store.

damn it! >:(

i went to Hotwind to look for the BF shirt but i can't find it :( dismay, dismay. i did saw a few plaid shirts but they're not really my type.

winmark does sell them but IN AN OUTRAGEOUS price of 42 bucks! O.O besides, they ARE so big. maybe that's the trend, oversized bf shirts? but they will make me look shapeless!

i'm still on the hunt for BF shirt! maybe seri qlap have... *coughs* jaywen! you available? lets go shopping, girl~ B)

i'm suppose to be upset that i didnt find any plaid shirt but something brightened up my day! i bought a RED bow hairband :D yeay! i'm so happy! i can't wait to wear it to school!

oh yea, i know some people like to call BOWS as ribbons BUT i hate it. GET IT RIGHT. ribbons are like the laces you see on sneakers. they have holes and bows DON'T. its weird when i tell people i like bows and they go, "what's that?" and i have to explain to them that its a "ribbon". kill me plz.

like my headband?

mind you, its called HEADBAND. not hairband :) hairband are hairties. there is a difference.

i got it for $2.50 only! cheap ey? a singapore blogshop sells it for 12 fricking bucks!

i'm starting to like my eyebrow shape now ^^ true, its a little sparse but no, i won't be tattoo-ing them.

BF shirt! :D its TOO big for me tho. XL size, what do you expect?

one of my obsessions *heart*


OMG............SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HOT! i want it SO BADLY. ok, not that BAD but yeah, i want it. i dont even know how this obsession start. :/ i think it was because i saw a picture of a blogshop model wearing it.

DAMN. love it. i like Mary-Kate Olsen's one! look at it! they look so good on her! i'm sure they will look great with BF shirts *drools*

buy me a pair, please? :B

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