Thursday, July 30, 2009


hello everyone =)

i always think this =) smiley is so much more friendlier than :) there's something about the equal sign that makes it look happier than the two dots.

me and jay's signature pose, always.
pretty ambience
this is the kampong style

i love this picture! the sky looks so blue-ish!

i bought two stuffs yesterday and am quite contented with them. HEH! i did not spent that much too! BONUS! also, the stuffs that i bought are definitely worth the moolah $_$

my purchases

i heart the ring a lot! it costs me only $1.90! what a bargain! even if its made of plastic and will break easily LIKE MY........


yes. my pretty vintage bow headband WAS BROKEN!



omg. i shouldnt have put it in the bag where it will be exposed to the outside world! when i knew that it was broken, my heart...felt extremely painful...saddening thoughts came to my am i ever gonna replace this beautiful masterpiece?

okay, not that "kua zhang" lah. i already pluck out the bow from the headband and i plan to restick it back onto a new headband that i will buy sometime later.

i feel like my posts are getting meaningless each and every time. and my entries are getting seriously boring. i always type useless stuffs but that's the only thing i could type about!

i can type LIKE A LOT, seriously if you guys dont mind to read. heh. but i know some of you meanies(*coughs, V and S*) skip a lot of paragraphs and proceeded seeing the pics only.

i'm also human and i like to see blogs full of pictures too...guess that's just our human nature.

anyway, what i really want to blog about is,

what are friends, really?

are they someone who you just hang out with? or someone who listens to you? care for you? be there for you when you need them? or someone you just stick to for fun?

found from the internet:

"Friends, are defined as people whom one knows well and is fond of. The second definition states a friend as an ally, supporter, or sympathizer. My personal definition of what friendship is, is a feeling or emotion expressed in such a way that another feels wanted and important, a relationship between a person or persons where everyone has some companion to talk to when their in need of one.

I would define friends as people whom you can have several types of relations with and feel several emotions for that person. Someone that one might go to in time of need. However, friendships differ between people. For example, the friendship that someone may have between them and their parents would be different than the friendship they might have with someone their age.

There are many different friendships that people have. Friendships can exist between best friends, friends, lovers, children, parents, siblings, and many more. All of these differ in some way."

i would agree to the second definition. we all really need someone who can listen to us, tell us whether this is right or wrong, support us in time of need, be there for us when you need them right?

after one of my friends told me about how that particular person treated or said that to them, i felt so mad for her.

when you have problems, you go to your friends and ask them for help right? you dont go shove them to the other side and tell them "its your problem, not mine" RIGHT?

i wondered who told me this before...

when you're sad, you would like someone to confront you right? how would you feel when you're so sad and that person knows it but shrugs it off and continue talking about something else?

its very hard to find a perfect friend or call someone, "best friend"

let me be honest. i have a number of close friends, but i have no best friend. i now know how it feels to say "I love you" to someone you don't love. its like you're saying

"you're my best friend" when you yourself are not sure about whether this statement is true or not.

i can say i love you very easily, no doubt because i have never been in love. but when i try to say "you're my best friend" it just gets....really weird.

i have asked a few friends already, even most of them don't consider their close friends as best friends! that shocked me a lot.

because, now its just too hard to trust anyone sincerely. it gets really saddening at times because you don't know who to tell or what to do. even my grandma is not my best friend anymore.


its just....different. as you grow up, your thoughts wander around more, you start to think more sensible and this is why, its hard. its just hard.

like meithing said, "even your best friend can bitch about you behind your back."

how scary right? sad to say, i believe there will never be a perfect friend. unless you consider your teddy as one, then...

okay loh :)

eh! this is not a sad post or anything. just trying to express my thoughts. OH!

Vincent said something SERIOUSLY LAME just now during Bio practicals.

Vincent: next time, your brain will be in that *pointed to the jar full of insects*
Me: so lame!
Vincent: you know the song, "Cookie Jar?" it will be now called "Brain Jar"


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