Tuesday, July 14, 2009

THIRTEEN things i am mad about

NUMBER ONE: i keep grudges. forgive and forget? (lame)

NUMBER TWO: I still hate you deep inside my heart, its just that i have to act nicely in front(not exactly)of you.

NUMBER THREE: when i'm pissed everything around me just doesnt seem FUNNY at all.

NUMBER FOUR: i hate this guy(OH YES ITS YOU OMG! HOW did you guess it out?)

NUMBER FIVE: HA-HA-HA why dont you feel this way? HUH?

NUMBER SIX: i am not happy, obviously.

NUMBER SEVEN: i miss my pillow buddies now :(

NUMBER EIGHT: i dislike staying at home eating instant mee everyday. i'm sick of it.

NUMBER NINE: i wish i hadn't made my mum spent that whole sum of money on me so she
wouldn't use it as a reason to correct me.

NUMBER TEN: you really don't have to know everything don't you?

NUMBER ELEVEN: i don't like when people speak to me in a LOUD AND ANNOYED TONE.

NUMBER TWELVE: i have feelings right?

NUMBER THIRTEEN: i feel much better now. :)

i love you, blog.

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