Wednesday, July 08, 2009

cam pics

hello, hello, hello..

i'm feeling guilty for not updating my blog for a few days so i decided to post up the camera pictures taken during my bday party.

i also don't even know what to blog about! school? well, all i can say is, every morning i come to school and in between lessons, i would sleep on the table. :)

nowadays, i feel so sleepy, especially in school!

no idea why :S the lessons are not even THAT boring and i could feel my eyes shutting down. its hard to close my eyes knowing that a teacher is looking at me and if they caught me *dum dum dum*

probably its because my seatmate *aherm* didn't come to school for days already! i should feel happy that i have noone to annoy me now but i feel very lonely instead! tsk tsk. guess i'm a hard person to satisfy.

the guys don't even bother to wear any bow ties we had to supply them.

see! shim is the only guy who bothered to wear it!

the girls are the sweetest thing! ALL of them wore something to do with bows. :)

someone's fat fingers destroyed the picture :p

avoiding the paparazzi

i like this picture!

HAHA! i have no idea what michee's doing.

D.T zoomed in on purpose when he took this pic.


jay won the best bow prize! :)

i hate this bitch. :p

another cool picture that i like!


she's a lesbo

shimmy :D the bow man!

guys just love touching guys' arses.

i told him to suck Bruce's finger but instead he...


i'm the first girl to get dared! so unlucky right? look how they tortured me :(

girls, have you always wanted a perfect man?

one that does not smoke, swear or watch porn? there is a guy who doesn't do that. BAEWEI! too bad he's reserved for someone. *cheeky smile*

the person who got second!


looks so gorgeous, no?


my mum's camera then died...

thankgoodness, jaywen and vanesa brought their cameras with them!

my cake, once again


lastly, my family :)

i'm done in less than an hour!

anyway, i'm off to analyze my add.maths or else i will surely fail for the upcoming test. its a little ironic.

you see, my marks for add.maths is so much higher compared to d.maths and people used to told me that add.maths is hard.

personally, i find it WAY easier than d.maths. but now that we have logarithms(sp) and surds........


that's why i am gonna go practice it now. by myself. :(

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