Saturday, June 06, 2009

vic vic-tory!

i have finished uploading ALL the pictures :)

YEAPPPPPPPYYY! its really annoying to search for all the pictures in my folder especially when most of them is not in order but thank goodness, i managed to upload all of the pics in merely less than an hour!

blogger is being kind today :)

environment day WAS DAMN FUN! i had so much fun just by helping my group to stack the easi cards and wrap it around the mini earth and also doodling the blackboard with my impressive drawing skills *prasan*



our class S4S2 won the environment day competition. we had to use recycled materials to make SPECIAL objects. :p

i can't find a correct term to put it in.

when Mrs Yee announced that our class won, i felt so proud! we were cheering for our class :') clapping here and there.

what makes this the best is i actually did contribute to help in making the mini earth :)

i did not just sit there and goyang kaki! :D


never have i felt so proud of myself and my class friends! we are SO AWESOME MAN!!! \M/

HAHA! this picture makes me look like i'm in a poker game...*silence* must get....the...right...card...

my very berry merry annoying seatmate

we are lovin' the earth ^o^

pressuring vincent to hurry up and take a picture

sandy is penat after decorating the board *rubs sweat off forehead*

our groupies!

PS: did you see that cute little earth drawing behind? 0:) i drew it! HAHAHA! oh, also the couple behind and the rubbish bin!


our very pretty little earth :)

i have the whole world in my hands !

the other group's model is pretty too!

they had cute mini recycle bins :3

the AWESOME-ST group

the badge is so pretty right? SOMEONE~~~said i was weird just cause i liked this badge.

weird meh?

after school, we then proceeded to sabby's house!

BTW SAB, i really love Calvin's song-Unspoken :D *not in a sarcastic way* (anymore)

it makes my day more brighter after listening to it!

esther with curls! :D

MAR MAR! only this picture makes you look like you're balding okay! in reality, you're not!


sabena decided to try out false lashies..

so the outcome is..

nice right? so natural looking~


those are real lashies and the trick to making it curl is:

1) you must have long lashies
2) you must have good skills (like me) *blushes*

and i found out one thing which is:

1) you do not need to buy expensive mascara to actually make your lashes stand. i used Revlon on Sabena and Silkygirl on Jaywen and both of their lashes curled really nice. :)

anyway, the reason we went to sabena's house was to have a photoshoot and also to celebrate her bday ;) *phewits*

and who else, other than us, were the models?


-by me!

model in the making!

*how should i pose*

work it baby!

Michums showing her skills in curling Marchums hair!


-by Esther

Sabena is A GREAT MODEL.

those who need models for close up or full body shots should look for Sabena. she can pose really well! tsk tsk! have you been practicing, eh?

on the other note, i didnt realize my hair was that long ;)

looking chic in a plaid shirt and leggings

of course, to get a good picture, you need a pretty model and a good photography skills like....


had no idea why she was doing that expression! the cold face! *my hair is so straight* :p

work it! WORK IT!

she's so good in it!

one of my fav shot.

the behind the scenes pictures look appealing enough kan?

then the outcome must be even MORE ATTRACTIVE!

head on to Sabena's blog! to see the PICTURES!

all made up

check out JAY's lashes!

such a pretty picture of Maria

someone's been vaining with my phone~

jay looks nice with curls

my eyes are finally as big as michee's in this picture!

my bimbo with her gorgeous top

*points to the headband*

me and the birthday girl

we were drunk after drinking peach melba

as you can see, mich is looking dizzy and drunk

but still energized to show off her "Bedazzled Mich"

this is how you look like with red contacts, puchie!

gummy worms!

relaxing on the floor~

HAHAHAAH! THIS PICTURE IS FECKING HILARIOUS! i look like i'm dead and sabena very cold.

jaywen says boohoo

cold bitch :P


sabena is dying from piggybacking me!

hey, that's a good thing, it means that i'm getting HEAVIER *winks*

tsk tsk! what a nasty scene!

exchanging love :3

i love sab's lamp! :D

i loike my hair colour in this pic!

my gosh. after doing this whole thing....

i'm exhausted.

the consequences of being vain. :(

i'm gonna have loads of things to blog about! and hopefully, with pictures! my cuzzy's coming tonight for a sleepover! :D

which means...MAKEOVER! WAHAHAAHAH! i'm so gonna torture her!

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