Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the urge to shop

hey peeps! i'll just post up some pictures taken a few days back. :)

me and my cuzzy

Emily came to my house for a sleepover and yeap, i made her up! being the makeup artist is fun! putting makeup on myself is such a hassle, that's why i love putting makeup on people!

*coughs* who needs some help with their lashes? look for me *coughs*

donning the grey purplish eyeshadow

not bad :P except that i really can't stand her messy and thick brows.


i love this picture!

i really hate it when i have deep circles around my eyes

after makeup-ing, i took my mum's camera and snapped up some model-pictures ;)

here are a few that i like!

my gosh, her watch spoils this picture. i name this picture "Elegance".

this looks a little too much edited. :/

random pictures coming up!

salmon maki (L) i'm starting to love eating raw food nowadays.

anyway, i'm pretty much happy today when school's over! my piano teacher gave me back my theory results and congratulate me because i got a distinction for it! :)

she gave me a small prize. a musical rubber!

i'm kind of reluctant to use it for school. hm. i think i'll keep it for decorating purposes. my piano teacher even said if i get distinction again, (maybe for this year's practical exam) she will gimme a necklace! and hey, not those el-cheapos kind okay.

its imported from korea/japan, darling. ;)

me like my piano teacher :P

plz, stop laughing, i know its only grade one. -_-

my teacher said that i can even skip grades if i'm dilligent enough!

oh my, i'm gonna start proving to her and then if she thinks that i'm capable of that, i want her to put me in grade 5 or 6. but i'll wait until i'm done with my practical exams. :)

so i have a main aim now. to be able to skip to grade 5 or 6. i need a part time work after i finish form 5 and teaching little kids to play piano is the key to the answer!

one more thing my piano teacher said to me, "you have talent, its just that you're lazy"

HAHAHAHAHA! OH WELL. that i have to admit, i am. even if i have a piano at home, i don't bother to play songs on it. no idea why. i used to be enthusiastic about playing piano but it fades after a while. cause i just SUCK in playing piano.

but i'll practice hard.

nothing is impossible when God is around.

meaningful quote.

OH. good luck to my brother, Dexter for tomorrow's Primary Talentine!

LOL! he's dancing with his couple of rebel friends. hope he gets a prize or something.

you know what, i'm addicted with blogshops! i just can't stand it! everytime i see clothes in certain blogshops, i want to have it so badly! T___T

and and i also have an URGE to shop SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY. my mum asked me to have an i-banking account cause its faster and less riskier. :D

i'll go and ask some of the workers in Baiduri Bank when i go mall with some of my friends.

did i mention that she's gonna deposit $500 into my soon-to-be i-banking account? :O

WOAH. shop-till i drop man! but then she wont give me my monthly $50:( boohoo!

i got lots of things to do now during the holidays!

1) brush up on my piano skills
2) open an i-banking account

wish me luck and hope all of them can be done!

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