Wednesday, June 24, 2009

suay day

today is seriously NOT my day at all.

first of all, i was woken up by the blasted disco song my damn neighbour was playing so i went to the living room to sleep. and finally after one and half hour, they stopped playing it so i went back to my room to sleep. after a few minutes, they started playing it again.

i ain't sensitive here okay. they open their music most of the days in a moderate volume so i can stand it but this time, its SOOOOO LOUD it could probably deafen your ears if you stay immune for an hour listening to it.

then the suayness continued. i got scolded by my mum(sigh) and then, i broke a mirror AGAIN.

i'm really worried about having 7 years bad luck. i wonder if this is just some kind of superstition or the real thing. i sort of believe in this. :/

and i'm pretty much worn out from calling/msging people asking whether they could come to my party. there are a number of people who said they cant go already and i am so darn worried. some are in groups, so if one of their group members can't go, for sure ALL of them won't be going.

hais~i can't blame them too. they have their other reasons.

i would truly really appreciate it if you called me back or msg me back whether you can go or not. if i ask you to leave me an offline msg or call me back, PLEASE DO. the party is coming in like a few days and i am dead worried.

i'm really sick of people saying they will leave an offline msg or call me back and they don't. and i have to pursue them again like an annoying bitch.

no no, that doesn't make my day suay. its just part of the stress on organizing a birthday i guess. :)

the only thing that made my day suay was that fucking neighbour and that mirror. and maybe...being scolded.

you know people, sleeping late really IS a bad thing. i'm gonna try sleep early tonight. oh, and using computer too. that sucks. i wish i can just be a good daughter who wakes up early, do chores and stop complaining for the fact that my mum is too busy to cook lunch for me and i have to stuff myself with instant noodles all the time.

i seriously hate it when my mum compare me to other people's daughter. she is she and me is me. i EVEN hate it when my mum's friends complain me for using computer too much and suggested that she should lock up my laptop.

seriously, i AM not your daughter so don't control me okay? they also said that i was rude to them! WHEN? WHEN? is it cause i didn't smile? my goodness, i DID. everytime they come to my house, i would smile to them ALWAYS and then resume doing my stuffs. oh, so you want me to smile to you all the time?

won't that look freaky and you would call bitch about my weird behaviour to my mum behind my back again?

i think the world would be a better place if we can understand each other better. everybody has problems. no matter how serious or not, it's still a problem.

and after watching Forever and Ever, i will always remember:

when you think you are the unluckiest person in the world having a bad day, remember there's always someone out there who's having a worser day than yours.

the taste of freedom

would it hurt to just help me out for once?

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