Sunday, June 07, 2009

sports day



it happened for the second time.

i had a thought about this last time and it bounces back into my mind again. i believe that deja vu does exist.

its weird. i recalled updating my plurk writing the very same message i'm writing now and then checking the broadband megabyte..and its the VERY SAME megabyte like the one i used to saw in my...older vision.

OH, and also remembering blogging about this! :/

my gosh. this is creepy.

anyway, today was an active day for me! i woke up at 7 in the morning and then got ready, refreshed myself and finally made my way to St Georges School to helped out Maria in the food fair.

IT WAS DAMN FUN. who knows working was fun? i just loved every minute of being a helper in Maria's stall for free :P

HAHAHA! Maria provided refreshments for me too! thanks Mar-mar! i loved your mama's chicken burger and i missed her shepherd's pie SOOOOO BADLY T________T

what's best about this part was that it was meant to be for the church so no profits made. all went to the church :) although it isnt the church i'm attending lah.


emptied out!

yes, we are laku! *flips hair*

i should have come earlier *feeling guilty* by the time i reached there, business was slow. then after an hour or something, people came out from the church so you get the drill.

MONEY MONEY! *coughs coughs* the correct term is BUSINESS BUSINESS!

i was damn fidgety at making the burger at first but then slowly, i caught up.

i loved it when the customers order a lot because that means i get to do more work! i have been hearing this for like an hour.

"tomato or chilli?" -Maria

and i would hurry and squirt it on the peeps burgers.

there was this woman *rolls eye* who was bloodeh bu yao lian. she requested for more cucumber without even smiling to us and then later on, she wanted more ketchup. stupid me went and gave her the whole bottle of tomato and let her squirt in any amount she wants. she spent like TEN or maybe FIFTEEN seconds to squirt the tomato out. usually, i took like less than 5 seconds to squirt out a (50 centx2) sized amount.

can you imagine how many ketchup she wasted? such a selfish person.

after everything was done, Maria's brother sent us to SOAS field to attend SAS's sports day.

my friends

march past.

jay looking greeny today!

i wanted to get my face scribbled like that too! :( but nah, only people who joined march past get their faces written with their house initials.


overall, i prefer Nikon better. :P it takes nicer pictures than Canon.

i feel like a REAL photographer that time :)

checking out the pictures i just took

i didnt had a really good position but this picture looks really nice :) and candid! i didn't know Michee took this.

btw, look behind! HAHAHA. no offence, but the Cornwall guys look like they are dancing. check out Mark! he looks like he's holding one of the guys hands!

i feel so bad for Hollis. :(

they got last again. its kind of like a tradition. they get last almost each year. i should have joined march past and help them get 1 mark at least.

i know i know, don't remind me alright. stop repeating what i should do that i didn't do. its irritating.

we can do better next year, Hollis-ians! i will join the field events next year :p hopefully to win something for Hollis. however...i have never joined ANY track or field events.

i don't feel like joining track events. i know my strength and getting last...WOAH-HOHHO..very embarassing. -_-

i have other irrelevant pictures to post up but i think i'll do it tomorrow or next time. i'm super tired right now even when i didn't join any events except just standing and sitting for long periods of time.


maybe its cause i helped Maria arranged the burgers? :O

YUP. probably.

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