Sunday, June 28, 2009

i'm still fifteen. :)


yesterday was my advanced sweet sixteen birthday party. i was glad that most of the people i invited came. i was sooooooooooo worried for days before the party. i had a lot of what ifs such as "what-if no one is talking" "what if people find my party boring" or "what if most of the people i invited told me they couldn't come at the last minute?"

*points finger at meithing*

she told me at the very last minute that she couldn't come and i was so sad. :( i wanted her to come so badly but in order to show her that i'm still happy, i sent her a sarcasm message and she replied "fuck you, i'm coming bitch"

did you trick me? if yes, then i was seriously fooled by you.

way, all of these pictures are from my phone. i will post the cam pictures prolly after i get the pictures of me cutting the cake from Vanesa and Jaywen.

MY MUM'S CAMERA DIED AT THE LAST MINUTE! *stomps on the floor*

i should have brought an extra battery man! after going through all the pics that i took with the camera, i realized that i looked horrible in most of them :( MAYBE ALL of them! damn it! they are so ugly that i don't feel like posting them up!


nvm, i will steal some nice pictures from the rest of the gang. heh heh heh >:D

i received this lil note from the seller that i purchased headbands from. isn't it so sweet? i was so touched by it. :)

usually when you order something online, you will ALWAYS have to make the payment first then only you can get your purchases but not in this seller's case. she sent me the items on the same day i mailed her the money. SO nice right?

if i asked other sellers to do that, i bet they will immediately say N.O. i am trustable okay. *grits teeth*

i was fascinated by the design of the glasses. :3

orange punch.

mich feeding me some icecream! what can i say? sisterly love! HAHAH

btw, my bro said that ur bow is nice.

check out the cushion sofa behind! michee said that reminds her of the crazy people! LOL!

get it? its cause the crazy people are usually locked in a room fully furnished with cushion so that if they try to kill themselves by banging their heads to the wall, it won't work. good one, mich! :p


i like Sabena's expression here! oh-so-CUTE!

a happy lilian!

i just noticed that my birthday cake looks like Sabena's one! oopsie :X

cutting the cake

newyaj! thanks for the J.LO CD! AHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAA!

plz jay, only i could do the "bunny teeth" best!

mich and j.

mystique with the purple coloured lenses!

thankyou for this pic but i still think that i do the "bunny teeth" pose THE BEST!


so that means you guys will have to wish me another time again!

i will write all my gratitude in the next post alright. :)

the school is giving us another holiday! that's supposed to be good news but i'm worried for the tests. imagine how many lessons we will be missing for this whole 1 week and five days :(

not that i miss school but staying at home is such a drag. i can't even go out because swine flu is spreading fast in Brunei. i find it like SARS actually. will it help if i buy one of those masks and wear it out?

i feel like going for an injection now :(

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