Friday, May 01, 2009

raison detre


voici lilian!

after dissapearing from my blog for a total of 5 days, i'm back! :D

well, the reason for not blogging is

1) nothing interesting to blog about
2) life is boring
3) exams are coming soon

i have been busy studying these few days B) except at times, i tend to get distracted by my lappy! one look at my lappy and i will feel the need to go online!

cant blame me! blogshops are so tempting!

I LOVE THIS BLOGSHOP SO MUCH! the clothes sold in there are SO PRETTTY! ^^

do have a look at it!

too bad most of the nice clothings are sold out~oh well, guess i will have to wait till their next collection.

anyway, i never knew that vegetables have WORMS inside! i mean, i only remembered my mum asking me to help her wash the veges or else there would be worms etc,

however, i have never exactly seen the worms with my own eyes! today, i saw it while i was eating brocollis!

its stuck onto the fish ball that i nearly ate and yes, it is dead.

thinking about it reminds me of how i nearly ate it! fish balls are white in colour and that small caterpillar lookalike worm thingy is dark grey-ish in colour, that's why i noticed it!

i nearly wanted to gulp it down until i saw a dark coloured pigment stuck onto the fishball, so i hesitated and took a closer look at it.

i panicked for a bit and then i showed it to my mum. in the end, my whole family didn't eat the whole dish!

I FEEL SO BAD! i shouldnt have said it out loud! you know, i pity the people living in africa who have no food to eat!


dosele desole!

to tell the truth lah, i will also throw it away! *guilty* who can bear eating that dish which is filled with invisible worms?

reminder to self: always wash vegetables throughly before cooking

BTW, DOA is the coolest martial arts movie i watched so far! :D

i checked the online reviews and was really dissapointed to find out that it has been rated as low as 4.5/10! i mean what is wrong with it?

i bet the reviewers love weirdo movies with no endings or whatsoever! i dont get why!

ahhh, who cares about their damn reviews, listen to my review instead!

the fighting was extremely fantastic! my mouth were like ":O" most of the time! the timing, the moves, the environment, WEEEEETS! AWE-SOME!

yeah, the fighting moves are a tad too much to believe but what can you expect? all fighting movies have kua-zhang moves anyway!

the music was good cause it suits the situation and also, the girls in there were HOT HOT HOT!

the much to say. a little dissapointing. they should cast some male hotties in there! i'm not interested in guys with fake muscles which is prolly injected with steroid and looks like they are about to burst! *pukes*

devon aoki, who is the lead actress of the movie is so sexy! :3

her eyes are small but they just look hot on her! no idea why, and i just love her how she can do the no-smile-look and still look cute! :3

if i dont smile, people will think i'm mad at them WHEN I AM NOT! my face is anang like that okay! so dont assume i'm mad at you when i dont smile!

bah, till here! my mum's gonna go and teach me maths now!

bonne nuit!

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