Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my first impression and now impression of yii mei thing.

i pinky promised Meithing i would blog about my first impression of her TODAY so here it is, just for you, darling.



So what do i think of Meithing when i saw her for the first time?

actually meithing, i already know you existed since form 1. i saw you for the first time in national day thinking to myself, "is that a new student from form 1R? quite pretty leh but the face so scary" HAHAHAHA.

Seriously, my first impression of Meithing is


there are two types of pretty girls. one who is pretty but friendly looking and another who is pretty but mean looking. meithing fits perfectly right into the pretty but mean looking category.

i just don't know why..but she just looks very bitchy to me.

the other time i saw you was in seri qlap mall and yes, your face was damn cold. i kept on staring at you but you never even smile at all. not even a bit! but i can't blame you cause you weren't looking at me. or maybe you were looking at me but i looked away or its the other way round.

other than that, i also thought you were a..


okay, i didn't literally think that you were a bimbo last year, i just think that you're not that smart until Sabena told me that you were and you get great results in tests usually.

that gave me quite a shock. :O

when you told me you got 4A'S 4B'S for last year's pmb...i find it so hard to believe. truth to be told, Meithing is actually smarter than me! no joke! she got higher than me in most subjects! suprising ain't it?

i know lah, cause i look smart B) and meithing doesn't! don't remind me :P


abah abah, its another word for nerd, but can't i replace it with "smart?" sounds so much better that way right? compared to geek, i prefer nerd. geek sounds so....computerish.

anyway, lets get back to the topic about MT

before i get to truly know Meithing, my impression of her was very bitchy + bimbo + mean.

after i get to know her, *wow*

what a big change.

there's a phrase that says "never judge a book by its cover" and it really lives up to its meaning.

my now impression of meithing is...


in class, she makes the most noise and she is also bloody annoying. LOL. finally i found someone who is as annoying as me(or maybe more annoying than me :P)

for the first few months after knowing her, she kept on asking me, "am i annoying?" or either say this to me "OMG! I AM SO HIGH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA" "OH SHIT, I AM SO HIGH"

sitting with her EVERYDAY can drive you crazy. trust me, if you're not used to her randomness or craziness, you would suffer listening to her talking craps all day. :P

oh, sitting with her too much can also result in predicting what she's gonna say soon.

first thing in the morning when i come to school: HIIIIIIII LILIANNNNNNN~DO YOU MISS ME? I MISS YOU!



and i would be like "~__~ ohkayyyyy~"

it then continues,

meithing: lilian, do you love me?
me: no
meithing: how could you not love me? i know you love me one *cheeky smile*
me: ~.~
meithing: omg~lilian loves me, sabena, lilian loves me!


meithing: lilian, you are so gay!
me: gay are for guys!
meithing: so what? can also be for girls!

soooooooooo irritating right? only someone like me can bear her randomness and craziness. i pity her boyfriend. *salutes meithing's bf*

but she's not all high and happy-go-lucky 24/7. there are times when she's sad and i'm happy so i've got to do my deed and make her happy and high again! :)

its weird. its either she's happy and i'm sad or i'm happy and she's sad. its rare to find moments where both of us are happy and high. but today we are, i wonder why? is it cause of the GREEN FINGER PEN?

green finger pen,
green finger pen,
its green and it looks like a finger,
that's why its called green finger pen! :D

anyway, for those who know meithing already would clearly know she's a bimbo. she keeps screaming in class or either say "oh my god" a lot of times. sounds like a typical bimbo right?

even most of the guys in our class says so.

however, this bimbo ain't bitchy. she's very nice and sincere.

thank you meithing!
for making me happy when i'm sad.
encouraging me to try harder when i didnt do well in my tests.
being my listener when i need someone to spill all my problems to.
helping me when i need help.
being happy for me when i get to ~you know~ :3

thank you for being such a good friend of mine! (L)

i made one really good friend this year who is none other than, YiiMeithing! honestly, i thought i wouldn't make any new friends this year but it was all unexpected. i did made quite a few but they aren't as special as you cause being with you, just sitting or talking with you feels natural.

i'm not shy around you, i can say anything i want to say and i enjoy being myself around you! that's what makes you special. :)

remember i said you were a bimbo last time and now, still?



i sorta..








changed my mind.
















dont get mad. bimbo is a good thing. it means dumb but attractive. ;) if you dont really like that word dumb, then replace it with "not that smart" so it sounds

meithing is "not that smart but she's attractive"



okay, that concludes my first impression and now impression of MT. i'm so kind to write so many words for you compiled into one post, MT. i bet you must be so touched that you are tearing now :3


hey guys, wanna see a green finger pen? have you seeeeen it before?

purty right? looks so cute and alien-ish~

lookie here, i'm happy cause i have a green finger pen, do you have one?

no, you dont? well..want to have mine? i'm giving it to you for free!







yeah roite, in your dreams, fecker!

ps: i will return you the green finger pen tomorrow, MT :)

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